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April 22, 2008


I am so in love with you and your wife right now.

So I take it the "new" boat wasn't so new?!?

Hey at least YOUR boat didn't come across a dead body which we then had to follow for two hours (because apparently Costa Rican coast guards finish their coffee before heading out to fish a poor drowned guy out of the water).

But my surreal experience aside, I just wanted to say that I've lurked a bit and read, and laughed A LOT, and though I'm a random stranger, I feel really happy that you got this wonderful alone time with your wife. I hope you guys can vacation together again soon.

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

Okay, you have done it - you have made me insanely, tears in the corners of my eyes, green with envy, jealous. And I have never been so sick in my life as I have been while you were gone. Must be the envy eating me alive from the inside out. Okay it was strep too. I am not sure I can forgive you for having THIS much fun while the rest of us are stuck with our ho-hum lives, but I will try : )


That. Sounds. Awesome.

Aaaaah....It sounds like absolute heaven. Do you think they have ESPN 2 in heaven??? Just had to ask. Right now I'm crazy to know what the hell that guy had to see that was so damn important. Stupid fool.

Wonderful! Do it again, Daddy!

Awww, shucks, that was so sweet!

Fantastic. Absolutely FANTASTIC. May you two inspire legions of other moms and dads to rekindle their love.

Speaking of which, promise yourselves here and now, if you haven't done so already, that you two will never, ever, EVER wait that long to take care of yourselves again. You're too important to one another--and especially to your gorgeous, sweet girls. Date nights, weekend getaways, whatever you can do: DO IT. More power to you both!

Yep. That's a vacation.

How fabulous!! Everyone needs a little ESPN2 in their lives now and then, eh?

Oops, sorry, Jones. I got a little quote happy in the post. They're gone now. Perhaps it wasn't the best post after all. Now I'll just have to go back to Belize and try again.

Maybe that won't be the best post you write all year (it can't all be downhill from April, can it??), but it was a damn good one.

Makes me want to go here:

It sounds like the perfect getaway. I am so glad you didn't let ESPN2 guy get to you. Maybe his head did explode and catch on fire once he found out Fox and CNN wasn't available either?

ahhhhh. i now appreciate that sunset setting over that island & i wasn't even there. i am preparing for my hubs to go to ghana for EIGHTEEN days without me. yes, 18 days of single parenthood. i'll be in need of lots of beers--- too bad i won't have that sunset to go with them.

that was beautiful!

I can't wait until we get a chance to go was ESPN2 sans kids. Too bad I can't go with him to Alaska in a few weeks...I hear the sunsets from the Arctic Circle are phenomenal. Instead, I will be here, lurking, drinking, and managing my two rugrats for 8 days. I will also welcome some zuccini bread from Sharon. Also wine.

Ohhhh...that sounds like the perfect vacation for me. So glad you two had a lovely time watching ESPN2! ;-)

I'm green with envy, even on Earth day.

Oh, my! That sounds *so* lovely. For all of us now dreaming enviously of island vacations, do you have a link to the place you stayed?

I'm such a sucker. My favorite part:
"We moved only to get fresh beers or to scoot our chairs closer to each other. Even when they were touching, we still tried to move them closer to each other."

That sounded lovely. I'm glad you were able to steal away and get closer. And closer still.

That sounds divine. I'm so glad you enjoyed your trip. The girls must be thrilled to have you back.

That sounds wonderful, calm, peaceful, beautiful, relaxing, gorgeous, fantastically child-free, romantic...hmmm...romantic. You did remember to, um, bring, er, protection, right? Because I'm thinking ONE baby around 7 years ago, TWO babies around 3 years ago, that means that around one year from now...OMG I can't even say it. Just tell me you were careful.

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