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May 06, 2008


I think street signs can be very ambiguous, what with the lack of verbs and punctuation. My favorite is the one that could creatively be interpreted to mean "Tow Away Zone? No! Parking Anytime!"

Knee deep in work? Work? You don't do any work, you stay home with your kids. ::ducks::

On the way back to NC from Baltimore yesterday, I saw a sign featuring a fist with the thumb pointed up, circled in red with a slash through it. What? No thumbs up allowed? No positive vibes here? Shortly later my friends pointed out that it was in fact a road sign prohibiting hitchhiking. Oh.

Sarah: I think it meant "No Fonzies."


It's not a road sign, but it's a commonly-read piece of advice that you might want to take, The Dad:

Keep away from children

When I was young, I thought the 'Do Not Pass' signs literaly meant do not drive past this sign. I couldn't believe my parents just kept driving right past them!!

Narrow country roads in Sweden have blue square signs with an "M" which indicate that the road is wide enough for two vehicles to meet at regular intervals. When I was a child I was very perturbed when we met cars inbetween these signs. I couldn't understand why it was so infernally hard to pace the traffic so that all could meet in designated areas...

On the drive to DC from NY, one passes the sign to the Decoy Museum somewhere in Maryland. One never sees the sign for the ACTUAL museum though.

Today I wished I had my camera with me. In someone's frontyard they had a sign advertising: www.lifelongfencing.com
Behind the sign was a fence that looked like it had been hit with a wrecking crane. Life long? Must have been a short life.

I like her interpretation better than The Man's.

Just like I like my interpretation of SLOW CHILDREN AT PLAY better.

My kids can't actually read yet, but they do know their letters. Thus no parking signs are greeted with "NO PEE! NO PEE!!!"

My personal favorite is:

"CAUTION-children playing on road with no shoulders"

So I'm sharing with the internet:

Now that the weather is warm, Adam asks to wear his short sleeve pants.

For the recent primary election, I took all three boys voting with me. When we got there, Ben kept asking where the water was. It seems that he thought we were going boating.

My favorite sign ever reads:
Welcome to our OOL. Notice there is no 'P' in our pool. Please keep it that way.

when my daughter was 4, upon coming home from preschool she went into the bathroom only to emerge immediately looking puzzled. she looked at me and asked, "mom? why is the bathroom clean?"

as for signs, driving through wine country in oregon, we passed an alpaca farm, with a billboard sized, hand painted sign that read, "FREE paca poop!" i was sorely tempted...

I so very badly wish I had the moment on video because it will never happen again, but on a recent trip to Cleveland, my always timely daughter yelled, "Poop," just as we drove past a sign announcing that the home of the Brownies was a mere 28 miles away.

Brings a tear of pride to my eye, yes it does.


My husband asked for Blackened WORDFISH at a fancy seafood restaurant. The "S" has fallen off the sign out front. Beer made this very funny.

We were discussing sports seasons with my girls - football season is in the fall, baseball season is in the summer, basketball season is... hmmm... when ISN'T it basketball season? To stump them, I asked about curling season. Without skipping a beat The Little One answers, "When it isn't humid outside. What? You know my hair won't hold a curl when it's humid outside!" She's all girl.

How about, "Tattoos while you wait." Is there any other kind? Or can you drop off your right ankle and pick it up later with a brand new tattoo?!?!

Here's a sign story, though it's more of a pronunciation story--and even funnier (at least to me), it involves a 50-ish man, not a kid:

In France on business a few years ago, 2 co-workers and I frequently used a parking garage, where the "exit" signs read "sortie" (pronounced sore-tee). Not being one of the brightest bulbs, my annoying co-worker, who thought he was quite sophisticated, would point at them and proclaim proudly (and loudly) in his thick Bronx accent, "Saw-tay! Saw-tay!" (like "saute"). After my other co-worker and I corrected him for what felt like the hundredth time, I got exasperated and said, "It's 'sor-tee,' 'sor-tee.' We're exiting, not cooking!"

My husband was frustrated with a difficult colleague and said to me, "I feel like I have to handle him with kitten gloves." Ah yes, those rare kitten gloves. . .

Passing by a high school ... the sign read "School Enterance."

Remember how the King in "The King and I" liked to say "et cetera, et cetera, et cetera"? My three year old's version is "cinderella, cinderella, cinderella."

Laura, your post just reminded me of a GREAT misspelled sign! It's for the motor vehicle office in Wayne: the second "e" in "Jersey" is missing. If you travel Route 46 westbound, you'll see it; it's right by Fountains of Wayne.

Being knee deep in work sure beats being knee deep in shit!

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