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June 22, 2008


I hear it, but maybe it's just because I'm in California, so the sound is closer.

The only way to put an end to this is to outlaw marriage altogether.

Good post! I once read (heard?) some commentary on being in favor of same sex marriages so they could have the opportunity to be as miserable as the "traditional" one - LOL!!

Honestly, who gives a flying "F" on what two adults want to do - it boggles my mind that there is such personal attack made about this.


This just made me laugh out loud.

Thanks for the great post of the ridiculous reactions to people in love being happy.

Awesome. I'm passing this on to everyone I know. Thank you for writing this.

How do you do that? How do you capture the truth so eloquently?

You did such a beautiful job of saying everything I'm feeling. You're a great writer, I hope many people read your publishings.

Honestly.. I'm happy for them! It doesn't affect my marriage to my husband, but seriously.. Why is it such a big deal? Two people are happy, and in love, why shouldn't they be able to marry?
I have a friend in the hospital right now who tried to commit suicide last week... because his family and friends didn't accept that he was gay... You know I've been there for him every day of his life... and every day he's been in the hospital.. Why is everyone so closed minded... and don't blame it on religion...
They're not asking to get married in the church... they're asking for the legal right... Again I say.. GOOD for them!

YES. You've done it!

Beautiful post. Everything that needs to be said in less than 15 full lines!

Great post-- some people just have trouble sharing with others, whether it be bus seats, southern diners, good-paying jobs, the right to vote, or the right to receive the moderate benefits of having your government officially recognize and sanction your consensual relationship with another adult.

Yay for change, even at long last, and for moving on to what really matters in this world.

Long time reader, first time poster.

I love reading the adventures of you and your girls, but I do have to say - this is the best post you've ever made. I will be sharing it...

I've said this before, and I'll say it again. People have a right to believe that gay marriage is immoral. If they do, they shouldn't marry a gay person.


Great post!

Great post - the writing, and the sentiment.

I will never understand why there are those out there who can hate the idea of love so much, just because it's dressed up in clothing they don't approve of...

Good Lord, what's next? An African-American President?!


When IS the book?

Applause from the minority liberal redneck living in a "red" state!!! Best thing I've read all day!

This is great. I have to link to it. This is exactly the kind of stuff that keeps me off the email chains going around my DH's family. Pinko commie liberal that I am...

It has been legal in Canada for several years and we have not descended into madness yet. There was a fear it would unleash an overwhelming deluge of ceremonies, but it has been modest. I guess it takes even longer to put a wedding together when both partners care about the centerpieces.

Wonderful post that has drawn me out of lurkerdom. I hope you don't mind if I link to it.

That post is BEYOND funny, beyond satirical. Well done!

In Canada, we have had legal gay marriage for a few years now, and we, too, had Doom-Sayers predicting the end of society as we know it. You know, once we were over run by them there homosexshuls and their evil ways.

After two years, it appears that most people in my country have calmed the fuck down and gone about their business. I sincerely hope you have the same experience in the US, and that more states get on board.

Well, duh! Obviously, things have fallen completely to pieces here in MA. Don't say we didn't warn you!

(Awesome post, really.)

Let 'em eat cake! Wedding cake that is!
Maybe these 'new'lyweds can make a better go of the wedded bliss thing than the 51% of hetero marraiges that fall apart.


I'm still waiting for my (straight) marriage to dissolve. Apparently everything it stands for is being threatened. What I'm not clear on is...if that happens, do I automatically turn lesbian?

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