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June 22, 2008


Thanks for an awesome post!


Your post made my heart sing -- it's the only one I've read that was positive about the matter other than my own! You captured it so exquisitely. Thank you.

Found you via Five Star Friday, which you richly deserved, and look forward to coming back.

Thanks. My sister is gay and is getting married in California in October. It's so nice to read a post like this with the supporting comments.

I think you're giving gays, any labelled group really, far too much credit. If society survived the movements of racial integration, feminism, and an similar, it can survive gays getting the same rights as everyone else. (Sound familiar? Someone said that after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s speech. Someone else said almost the same thing the day after women were granted suffrage.)

Yvenna, Can I ask that you read the post again? Perhaps you gave up in a huff after the first three lines?

(And don't worry if you did. My wife can't read much more than three lines of my writing, either. Perhaps you two should go out for drinks together.)


Lunasea: Yes, you must become a lesbian. Also kill your children and start practicing witchcraft. I hope all that was in your plans.

Loren: As a Northern Californian, I would LOVE it if California could break off the mainland (uh, figuratively speaking, please, not due to The Big One. But can we leave LA back with the rest of the country?

Like Polly, my comment got lost in the ether, I guess, but your words were so perfect that it was worth trying a second time. You wrote what I wish I could have when tackling the topic.

Wow, I usually find some kind of smart-ass comment to make when posting on people's blogs, but honestly, I can't this time.
Great post!

I just took a big poop on your post. Your writing is very good for that.

First time reader, your in my feed now... BaWaHaHaHa!
Seriously, found you through BeAGoodDad.
Love your post, very well said.
Since my straight marriage is about to fall apart due to the ability of homosexuals to get married, do I have to become a lesbian, or can I just remain single?

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