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June 30, 2008


I'll be there in a few minutes! Sounds delicious!

It took me MANY days and sometimes I got bored (of sitting with the heat of the laptop on my lap, not of your blog! No!) and took time off but now I can say that I am done. I read your blog from start to present day, realizing in the middle that for a period of time last year I read your blog (before I started using Google reader) and then stopped and completely forgot you existed. I may have some short-term memory issues. However, I am now caught up and about to add you to my feed. Thanks for entertaining me. I shall not forget you this time. I hope.

Substitute icy cold vodka for the rum and i'm in!

Mark your calendar - August 5th - jazz in Watsessing Park (on the Cleveland & Llewellyn Ave sides) Maybe you and The Mom and The Girls can walk down since you now live in the 'hood.

We all bring snacks and drink (read: WINE) to share. But maybe some of those watermelon thingys might be might good!!

Find a friend? Are you implying that I need help drinking my alcoholic beverages? Or that I don't have any friends? Y'know, I don't come here to be insulted, Mr. Man.

Summertime in a glass, pure and simple. BTW: I found Watermelon juice at the store (I think it was Juicy Juice)so you can always make your kids watermelon popsicles to lick/drip while you partake.

Anne, sadly Aug 5th will find the girls and me in Texas. In one of the few dry counties left there, actually.


I don't know where the hell I've been, but I've just discovered the mojito this summer. I know! What have I been doing these past 16 years of legal drinking??

I will try your watermelon mojito, thank you very much for the recipe. Is 10:15am too early? It's noon in Labrador, no?

Mmmm... I love mojitos and adding watermelon sounds perfect. Can't wait to try this!

Trust me, folks. Watermelon mojitos are as delicious as they sound. And make sure someone hides your car keys before you drink one. WOW!

Do you need any club soda with this? Cause, if it's nuthin but the rum and watermelon, then, LookyOutty! Although, having partook of LookyDaddy's cosmopolitan martini before, I wouldn't be surprised!

Club soda? Ninny.

Mention the rum first, really. I was thinking, "sounds ok, but is this some kind of freaky non-ac beverage or what?" till I got to the rum.

Mmmmmm rum.

Yum! Who needs a friend? I can be a two-fisted drinker if need be.

Hey LD - I messed up on my date - the concert is 8/12 and not 8/5 so if you guys are home.....c'mon down!

I'll even invite Finslippy ;-)

If anyone needs some mint, it's taking over our landscape. Help yourself. I certainly can't drink it all myself (not that I won't try...)

Stoli Salad...(2 drinks)

1 oz each of Stoli Ohranj, Razberi, Strasberi, Blueberi and Peachik Vodka.
2 oz each of Orange and Pineapple Juices
2 Dashes of grenadine (go easy)
2 Splashes of 7-up
(Yes, Dashes and Splashes are different.)

Pour all ingredients together in shaker, fill with ice, shake liberally and pour into glass. Garnish with a orange slice or cherry if you feel like wasting time.

You may have to practice at this one... but when you do it right, you can't taste the vodka... but you'll feel it after a few. :)

Good lord, MM, that's five different kinds of fruity vodka! My cabinet holds just two bottles of vodka, and they're not fruity at all. Do you think I could use them instead, then drink the drink while reading a Harry & David catalogue?

....That's true. Maybe you should just order it next time you sneak off to a bar.

OR you can increase your liquor cabinet and find a TON of vodka recipes.

Or perhaps just buy the little shooter bottles.

Or I can think about it and find a less complicated recipe to share.. :(

P.S. When do you find time to look at catalogues?

I had one of these last week and it was pure summertime bliss. I will be making one in January just to make me feel better.

On another note: What was up with the NUMB twitter last week? I thought something was seriously wrong with you and was obsessively checking your site. (in a completely non-psychotic stalker way of course.}

Hey You, The numb twitter was entirely appropriate. I'm working on a post about it, but it's slow going. Very slow.

You know I can't cook without a damn picture. How am I supposed to know what I'm making?! Get on it.

San Francisco Lemonaide - I actually had them in a bar in San Jose but that's what they called it.

In a large glass over ice:

Liberal pour of Absolute Citron
Splash of Triple Sec
Fill glass 3/4 with Lemonaide (I like Simply Lemonaide as the best commerical one out there)
Top off with cranberry juice

Sit on porch and enjoy!

I also love vodka and ruby red grapefruit juice but my husband bought ruby red grapefruit/tangerine by mistake and let me tell you that was mighty refreshing!!

Well, i've had time to think of a new one. here goes...

Pour 3oz any 'not fruity at all' vodka into a shaker full of ice. Add a dash of olive juice. Shake liberally, Pour into glass. Add a few olives, just for good measure...

How's that?

MM, mmm.

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