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July 28, 2008


Happy Birthday to Kathryn! Congratulations to you on making it through that crap of a year.

Happy birthday Kathryn! You are a beautiful, young lady.

Happy, HAPPY Birthday to Kathryn!!! Here's hoping that 8 is way better than 7 in every way possible.

Happy Birthday Kathryn! Yes, let's hope this is a MUCH better year!

Happy # 8 Kathryn!!! Here's to 8 being so much more fun than 7!!!

Brian - those are the most beautiful girls! For all your trials, you are a very lucky man. Happy Day Kathryn!

Dear Kathryn,
Happy birthday! You've had a 'crappy' year, but don't worry, it'll just get better!

And just remember, one day, you'll be able to show people this blog, and say, "see, my dad is really crazy! I'm not making it up!"

Love, The Godfather

Only you could put something so disgusting to such good use-- well said.

Happy Birthday, Kathryn-- make 8 be the anti-7!

I always thought that girls were all 'Sugar and spice and everything nice'. Now, however, not only have you disillusioned me regarding the spicy nature of girls, you've also scared me away from future procreation, in general, lest I be squirted with watery poop from my child's butt.

Happy birthday, Kathryn! Stop crushing my illusions, Brian!

Long time blog reader, first time poster (honk honk!).

I just had to point out that it is also my birthday today as well, can't think of a better person to share the day with.

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday, dear Kathryn
Happy Birthday to you -

Here's to a great year ~

Wishing Kathryn a happy, happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Kathryn.

Happy Birthday Kathryn!!! Happy 8!

Have a fabulous 8th Kathryn!

Haaaappy Birthday, Kathryn! The internet sends you much love!

(and The Dad: thanks for the hilarious mental image.)

Happy Birthday Kathryn! Wow, July is quite the month in your house (betwen you and your dad).

My father was a photographer and did a photo shoot of me when I was a baby. He ultimately put 3 different exposures of me on one photo... When people see that picture they think I'm one of triplets. When I look at this picture of your 3 girls together I can't help but think the same thing. All 3 of them look so much alike, they could be confused as triplets or a triple exposure print.

Happy Birthday Kathryn and keep dotting that 'i' with a happy face.

Happy birthday, Kathryn, you cutie pie!!!

Happy Birthday pretty girl! And also congratulations to your mommy! Things will get better, there's too much love being sent your way for therm not to :)

Happy Birthday Kathryn!

I never thought I would enjoy such an analogy of poop as you have just presented, but I did. Or was that a metaphor? Crap. I always get those two mixed up.

Well, anyhow...very funny post and I hope Kathryn has a much better 8th year.

I think of her often, to tell you the truth, and hope you can all soldier through this very tough time. I'm sure you wish you could seek shelter in a ditch somewhere. Hang in there.

Uh...I am sure you know this but the twins have a certain look about them. Like they are going to kick the collective ass of the world and we are going to have to like it. I am a bit scared.

Happy birthday Kathryn!

Happy Birthday, Kathryn!!! Someday you'll love that your dad wrote all of this for us to read, but that won't come until sometime after your teenage years. WELL after.

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