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July 17, 2008


Your sucky post was a wonderful read despite it being full of awful, scary and more awful. I thought of your wonderful blog today listening to the newest Justin Roberts CD (great musician--kid music that adults aren't embarrassed to love). There's a terrific song called "Stay at Home Dad".
Anyway, I'll leave you with a great poem from my friend's blog (her toddler son has a rare form of cancer):
There once was a young fellow who had trouble getting to a place called Solla Sollew, where they never had troubles, at least very few. (Dr. Seuss was a wise man). At the end of his journey he tells us:
Then I started back home,
To the Valley of Vung
I know I’ll have troubles
I’ll maybe get stung
I’ll always have troubles
I’ll maybe get bit
By that green headed Quail
On the place where I sit
But I’ve got a big bat
I’m ready you see
Now my troubles are going
To have troubles with me

Brian and Sharon, I am SO sorry....that's all I can say. Keeping everyone in my thoughts....

I am so very sorry for all of this. Will be keeping you all in my thoughts.

My heart aches for you and Sharon and Kathryn. At least the twins' boo boos you can bandage. Sending good thoughts and vibes and fairy dust your way. If only modern medicine included vibes and thoughts and fairy dust.

So sorry that you all are going through this. Saying that it sucks is a huge understatement. We all hope that the doctors are able to do something that will help, and that you'll be able to get some more sleep.

By the way, unlike the epilepsy, this post did NOT suck.

I think it was the subject matter that sucked, not the writing about it. Whatever good healing thoughts I have are yours. Well, Kathryn's.

i'm fairly new to your blog but i am praying for the best for your daughter. your writing is amazing and i hope you are able to get back to feeling lighthearted someday SOON!

It sucks big hairy donkey balls that any of y'all are having to go through any of this, and I think Kathryn is staring at the biggest set of donkey balls. I hope answers are found with all the testing and some sort of solution finds its way into your lives. Kids shouldn't be afraid to sleep and kids shouldn't have to deal with the stuff Kathryn is dealing with. It's not fair.


It sucks giant hairy donkey balls that any of you are having to go through this, and I think Kathryn is staring at the biggest pair of balls. I hope the testing brings some answers and some sort of solution so that this can all get under some semblance of control. It's not right that a kid should be afraid to sleep. Not right at all.


Dude. It ate my comment, chewed on it slowly while I tried to reconstruct it, then spit it out AFTER I hurt my brain. Sorry for the sort of duplicate.

I am very sorry and will be sending lots of positive thoughts across the ocean to your family...

My thoughts and prayers headed your way! Lifted Kathryn up to a little virtual prayer group at cre8buzz.com too. Hope you don't mind.

Yeah. That sucks. I wish I could help somehow, so I'll be praying to Joe Pesci for you.

So sorry that little Kathryn has to go through this. My thoughts are with your family.

I'm so sorry. I hope that this hospital stay does some good and they figure SOMETHING out for your little girl.

It breaks my heart to read this. I know that fear of sleep. I know the catch22. I have it too but I'm not a child and I tear up thinking about your daughter. She has to be one strong kid. I think it's safe to say I admire her.

My heart goes out to your little girl. I hope the three days of testing and observation yield some answers and much needed relief and rest for your family.

My thoughts and prayers are with you all at this time and all the time.

oh man. My heart truly hurts for all of you. They better come up with some answers...

I am again at a loss for words. My heart goes out to you and your family and I hope this all comes to a quick and satisfying resolution for you.

How scary and awful and rotten and no fair and yuck.
Sending good thoughts your way.

I haven't read/commented in FOREVA-- I'm so sorry to hear about Kathryn's seizures. So very scary. I am sending tons of positive thoughts and homeostatic funnies (on the off chance that you cope with stress using inappropriate humor, as I do) your way. Give that 25th electrode a kiss from Auntie Djangette.

Fuck. I'm so sorry that you're dealing with this. I hope you get some answers soon.

my heart breaks for all of you. i hope you get some better answers and a good plan out of this hospital visit.

I hope they find something for your little girl. Something to make her less afraid. It's a long haul - a marathon and not a sprint for your whole family.

I am sorry you are at such a loss. Not being able to help your child ...I can't imagine.

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