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August 29, 2008


When's the movie coming out?

Now that Hilary is officially out of the race, I can borrow her pantsuits.

The mom: I think no one commented on the flirting with random women because we all figured you'd read it at some point, punch him in the head and all would be well.

Or at least, *I* would punch him in the head if I were you.

Then again, if you did that, the cops would show up and wouldn't that be the bloggiest of trifectas? Or... double-fectas (since it's only two departments)?

Damn, your sense of humour gets me every time. That's one of the reasons I had to pick your blog for the "I (Heart) Your Blog" award. I don't know if you're the type to accept this kind of thing, but I wanted you to know that I love your blog!

If you *do* want to accept the award, you can grab it from my place.



I keep waiting for CPS to knock at my door. Not because my children are injured. Oh, no, that would be too easy to explain. I'm waiting for a visit because my middle son is obsessed with the word "anus" (he learned it at a science exhibit) and keeps insisting, very loudly, in public, that I stop touching his "anus."

What some stay at home parents will do for adult conversation ;). The Mom, that was so my first thought but at the same time I knew he was joking.

My little sister earned us a visit from child services, Daddy took her to the ER because she dropped a fishbowl and cut her hand. She was a bit of a needle-phobe and so was FREAKING out that they were going to give her injections and then sew it up. The nurse threatened to tie her down to try and get her to listen and hold still and she freaked out even more and started screaming, "NO!!!! Don't tie me down, please don't tie me down!!!!" Another nurse had come in and witnessed just my sister screaming and the fact that she was with the inferior gendered "parent" so called child services. They came to the door, Dad told them what happened and Sibling came and laughed at the thought that Daddy would tie her up and it was over. I really wonder if Mom had brought her if we'd have gotten that fun little visit...

Glad all is well!

Oh god I am dating myself!

Well, if the much-touted Man Shortage so beloved of conservative commentators does come true, that's one way to get around it.

Was the CPS worker hot?

Don't laugh, I have a friend with a few young kids and some jerk really did call DYFS on her for something that turned out to be a total misunderstanding. So you never know!!!

I love missed connections! (In a married-with-two-kids/interesting-how-the-younger-folks-find-each-other-these-days kind of way, of course.)

You win for most excellent use of the internet's best guilty pleasure format.

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