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August 08, 2008


OK...You forgot the part about what happened when she got home. Is that when she decided she liked you? Or disliked you even more?

Does sangria count as an affectation? I guess they come cheap in college though, huh?

This story is classic, by the way. I bet she brings it up at least once a month.

R was grateful for his TV though...

Is this all of the story that you remember?

Okay, I agree with Tess. You left out the part about how she received your hero story!

Awesome story. Great way to start my day.

Hey, my take on it is that you made good use of a bad situation. What person wouldn't stay to protect what was left of her apartment and by the way, drink the sangria? I know I would.

Jazz in the park next Tuesday @ 7pm - corner of Cleveland and Llewellyn. Will be there with drinks and snacks.

That is so sweet! Did she fall in love with you right after the burglary or did it take longer with more acts of heroism? Thanks for the recipe :)

I love the way you told this story. So much that I read it twice and may even go back for thirds.

This is a great story. I can't wait to hear part two where she comes home and all of her Sangria is gone and she's forced to go to the store for provisions for another cocktail. Please share that recipe also. Pleaseandthankyou.

Dave Barry move over. Dear Dad: please, please put all these into one of those old-fashioned things made with paper and a hard cover.
I am going to get fired for reading your site at work, cuz people walk by and see me laughing and want to know what's so funny. Oh, just surfing instead of working, but you should read this, it's hilarious!
Hugs to Kathryn.

It's not a bad story, but consider this:

'Discovering five large burglars in my future wife's apartment, I proceeded to destroy them with my bare hands. When the police arrived, they arrested the vagrants and cited me for not having registered my fists as lethal weapons. Upon Sharon's arrival, her learning of what had happened, and subsequent gratitude, we broke the futon with hours of acrobatic monkey love.'

It's your blog, homeboy. You can say whatever you want.

Love it. Will try the sangria recipe, as it is the only one I've come across that doesn't add some hangover-inducing addition of another type of alcohol (my days of mixing are very over).

Just catching up on the blog - praying for Kathryn. May be a stupid question, but are you happy with her doctors? Yeah, stupid question...never mind...but if you are not happy...keep looking!

I'll be over next Monday for some of that sangria....

Yes, more of this story please. I gotta know how she liked finding you in her ransacked apartment, drunk.

Where is the rest of the story????

3 things.

1. After reading the post, I re-read the title, hoping it said "Sangria, part 1"

2. French horn? Really?

3. Awesome post.

What? Nobody liked the ending? I bet you guys didn't like The Lady or the Tiger, either.

Plus, leaving your audience wanting more is a surefire way to become The Most Interesting Person You Will Ever Meet. Told you there was a blogging metaphor in there somewhere.

A woman who can stop peeing at will has good pelvic floor muscles: this means, good news for you.

And what is it with Americans and sugar? Red wine and sugar! With Sprite as well! Eeeeeech! If I was a dentist, I'd be migrating to the US.

Note to Helen: This is America--if it feels good or taste sweet, do it. Plus, when I lived in Spain, this is how they did it. Or maybe they were just teasing me.

looks like my kinda Sangria recipe.

I also slice up some peaches if they're in season to put in mine.

A friend of mine adds a some brandy to her sangria. But i'm not so sure about the mixing of the two kinds of alcohol if you're gonna have more than 2 glasses of it.

So how does it end? Is she angry to find you drunk in her apt.? Is she grateful? Clearly she couldn't have minded too much, or if she did, it didn't last oo long. I mean, she did marry you. Heathen and all... ;)

I do not believe this

I remember that Sangria - if not the incident. THANKS for the recipe!! Love your blog.

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