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August 21, 2008


Heeheehee. I guess it is long enough ago for it to be okay to giggle. Also, I am so impressed that your poop stories are not just confined to your children.

reminds me of a bout of food poisoning from my student days...I could recommend an Indian shack restaurant just outside Mysore that would keep your brothers empty of all cares between the two Olympics as well..

hehe, publicized poop story was funny though..

Holy sh*t!

I remember him trying to get me to watch the ski and shoot through the glass as I stood outside in February.
Celebrate with me. Beach volleyball is over! I was so tired of watching it!! Now maybe nbc will show other parts of the Olympics.

Don't worry, sweetheart. I TiVOed all the beach volleyball matches. We can keep the Olympic magic alive for months.

I narrowly avoided spraying coffee out my nose just now because of this:
"Everyone stopped short when they saw me, and for a few moments the only sounds that could be heard were Sharon at the back of the group yelling, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" and me squirting what was left of my dignity out of my ass."
I've been reading you for a long time, but this is the first time I've commented, I think. This was way too funny.

The Lillehammer Olympics were so beautiful. Of course, I got to watch the American version where David Letterman sent his mother to interview Hillary Clinton (yes, really!). Sorry about your illness, I hope all your organs grew back in the right way.

This is the funniest thing I have read all day. (Pay no attetnion to the fact that it's not even 9 AM yet.) Thanks for the giggle and remind me never to get food poisoning in Usti nad Labem (or anywhere near your wife for that matter).

Brian, I would be more worried if we actually owned a TiVO.

Yes, for a week and a half, the Olympics has been either beach volleyball or Michael Felps winning a gold medal!

The Mom, now you have to tell your version of the story-- with the magical light bulb and everything...

Since I see that y'all would really, really like to enjoy the majesty and beauty that is beach volleyball, I would be more than happy to make you a DVD. We happen to have every single minute of Olympics coverage Tivo'd, so I'm sure I can put together at least 500 hours of half-naked women for you.

Wow, my Czech-Olympic-watching experiences were nowhere near that dramatic (or well recounted), but they have made me pretty much insane watching the NBC coverage. Yes, on CzechTV we had to watch the tape of the Czech cyclist who took second in the 14th heat of track cycling over and over again--and heaven help us when a Czech actually won an event--but at least we were seeing events beyond the aforementioned beach volleyball.

That was disturbing and sweet at the same time. GENIUS post!

O my god. You did. You went there.

Or should I say, you went.

Per usual, gold out of dross.

Or should I say, dookie.

I am in awe. And also very, very glad I wasn't among the ten who busted in on you that frosty Czech morning.

I was poisoned by Russian Monks. @#$% monestary food. Just as I discovered this fun fact, I needed to board a bus for 2 hours. I took as many anti-pooping pills as I could find, and made a great effort to pass out. After we got back to the dorm, everything in my body came out (both ways!) and I missed my finals. Thank god for those bathrooms where the toilet is in a seperate room -- my roommate was also food poisoned, so one person could throw up in the sink while the other used to toilet (with the broken seat). Also, thank the travel doctor for having the foresight to send me with some Cipro.

Whenever I read one of your stories I don't know weather to laugh, cry, or both. I just know not to have any liquids in my mouth lest they shoot out through my nose.

I like the artificial human drama of the Olypmics. I always tear up. Then again, I teared up when I read this story.

ROFLMAO. I too lost it with the visual image conjured up by the large group of people barging into your flat and you sitting on the toilet in plain view.

I think that way of watching the Olympics would be much more enjoyable. I hate the way they go back and forth and hype everything up.

Damn, I guess I'll just put those airline tickets to Bulgaria on e-bay.

Perhaps the Bulgarians got it right. Their coverage is probably much less frustrating than watching Michael Phelps accept the gold, with the camera trained on his face throughout the duration of the national anthem. Even though there were 3 other guys who helped win the race. I am so pissed and behalf of the mothers of those boys.


Oh. My. God. That's all I've got.

Wait, no it isn't. How's Kathryn's arm??

Lovely, touching story. (Code for: that was disgusting and hilarious with a thoughtful ending.)

Poop talk & Czech 'humor'...two of my favorite things!
PS - For the record, I'm married to a Czech, 'nuff said

Lurker for some time, couldn't resist responding. I am married to a Norwegian; we came to live in my hometown in the US in 1985. That kind of coverage of the Olympics is done in Norway. My husband HATES to watch the US coverage and complains for weeks every Olympics about the smarmy coverage; about the stupid tear-jerker stories to make you care about the US athletes; about the US-centric coverage; about how in Norway, they just set up the camera and let it show everything: every single ski jumper and every jump; every speed skating race; every slalom run; and of course, every inch of the 50km cross-country race "with every guy skiing his guts out." Hey, kind of like Bulgarian food poisoning. Anyway, he LOVED your post and is happy to know someone here in the States appreciates excellent coverage of the Olympics. Thanks so much for a wonderful read.

Glad you survived your ordeal! I just could not imagine. It must have been pure hell.

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