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August 21, 2008


Hilarious, as always! I love a blog that almost makes me spit out my cereal...this time for more than good reason. ;)

I can't even imagine olympic coverage like that, you paint quite a picture. =)

Ummm....you wanna 'splain your twitter??? WTF happened now???

Yep. Definitely a poop blog.

Having fun watching the Olympics in Canada this time; fewer commercials and less smarm. Emphasis on Canadian athletes, natch (Phelps is a side note!), but they cover other nations better than NBC. :) Coverage on the French channel is like the Czech or Norwegian, it sounds, with continuous single-camera view of an event. T'other night we watched a whole velodrome event of some sort, the only thing we understood was that the Brits won, but having watched it all from one angle, we could hear the rising excitement of the crowd.

What were you doing in the Czech Republic?

Oh dear - why the bright orange cast? What has Sparky been up to? I hope she is okay. My sympathy...

You are being featured on Five Star Friday:

Happy blog anniversary today! Two years. My thanks.

Aw, how sweet that your mom remembered your blogiversary! Thanks for 2 years of superb entertainment...

Jaci, I guess that makes you a Czech mate!

Found your blog via the weekly "5 Star Friday" posting, which listed your blog. You have a real talent for converting poop into humor. as such I see a long prosperous future for you. Keep it up.

Gary (old dude),

Beautiful! Made my day!

if I wasn't sitting on my own toilet, shitting my own guts out, I'm sure I'd be laughing even harder. but you know how it is - gotta stay in control.

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