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September 05, 2008


Oh. my. god. That poor child.


Oh, god. So much sympathy. Also ice cream and alcohol.

oh. my. god.

that sucks, but is not life-ending nor life-threatening so that's good. sorta.

good luck.

Yikes! That last picture made me cringe! Poor sweet Kathryn. This was not the way to start her eighth year.

I'm of the opinion that Heelys should be banned from the feet of any more innocent children. They are not allowed in our house, no matter how much whining and complaining I get from my boys. No way, no how. Perhaps I'll show them your sketches of Kathryn's arm. Maybe then they'll stop the constant moaning that I'm the most uncool father on the planet.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that this is the last major injury to your girls... this year anyway.

Poor girl! This summer can't end soon enough for her, I'm sure.

Oh my god! Poor Kathryn.

I hope she, and all of you, recovers soon.

Poor Kathryn. Poor you. I can only imagine the stories she'll be able to scare her own children with...back when I was 8, they had to break my arm again! by hand! in the doctor's office! Now quit whining about whatever you're whining about.

Oh geez, that poor girl!!!

How have you not bought her a pony yet?

AAAAHAHHHHHH! It was the illustrations that really did it for me. Poor thing. You should both eat lots of ice cream -- yours should have rum.

First line drawing to ever make me physically wince... Dude, right now your life sucks way more than is necessary to make an entertaining blog. Your family's abundance of suckage is astounding. And there is simply not enough Tequila and Webkinz to compensate for it all. As for Kathryn, I would sooo get that kid a pony! (There is a Western model that can be steered with one hand) Or tickets to Atlantis or Athens... Perhaps a large ticket item combined with copious amounts of booze will help you both forget this whole unpleasant h***** episode.

*shudder* Please please please tell me that there is a decent chance that my kids, like my husband and I, will make it through childhood without major injury.

I hope you all feel better soon. Poor poor Kathryn.

Oh, the things we have to watch our babies go through. I am so sorry. So, so, sorry. I will now stop complaining about the shot my daughter received at the pediatrician yesterday. I want to take you all out for ice cream!

I looked at it again. My stomach turned. Again.

Don't I feel like a heel for giving you a hard time?

You know what I recommend? Glow Sticks. We have found that they are the Cure-All of the year -- guaranteed to put an end to sniveling, whining, and crying. Stops boogey-men in their tracks and vanquishes as many under-the-bed monsters as you can shake it at. Keeps three-year-olds content while they drift off to sleep yet safe enough for even your 14-month twins to twirl about. Yes, folks, you can buy these little non-toxic wands of magic for mere pennies apiece.

Anyway, you get the picture. Dollar Store -- they come in all shapes and sizes, and they glow about 12 hours. Life savers, I tell you. My nephew assures me that even 8-year-olds will enjoy these.

oh no! poor kiddo. she deserves a giant cake with ice cream all to herself. and a pony.

I'm afraid that wasn't quite enough to make me feel queasy. ;P But I do feel very, very sorry for Kathryn. I hope it didn't hurt TOO much once the needles wore off. Hugs all around.

Ugh. I almost puked, there. Watching that must've been one of the Worst Moments in Parenting Ever.

I hope you have some cold beer.

Ow ow owwwww!

Yikes, poor girl, hope the break straightens out from here on in.


Are you *kidding* me?! Good grief. What's the point of a cast then if they don't prevent bones from doing this in the first place?

Much love and healing to your little one; I hope she's doing ok despite the pain and trauma.

That's so aweful beyond words.

Poor child! When did you say you were getting the pony?

oh holy shit. holy effing god. that sucks so bad. i'm so sorry! tell me they gave her tylenol with codeine for the pain. :(

Ouch for her!!! And ouch for the parent's hearts!
I have 10 arm casts in the garage from 3 of his broken arms (shuddup, I'm a pack rat and they come in very handy for Halloween).
Every time they took his cast off I prayed to not see a bump or bend. Luckily he never had to have them rebroken.
I can't imagine how that was for you all. I'm so sorry.

Good gracious!!!! That is horrible! I hope it heals right this time! Poor thing!

Oh ... My ... God!!! I brought Matthew over to look at those drawings and then I turned to him and said, "See? See?! This is why you and your brother don't have those things!! See?" And then I nearly puked. He wasn't looking too good either.

I just can't even begin to convey how sorry I am that she had to go through that. I can't even begin to imagine watching that - my mind just shorts out. My god, I hope they gave her a double shot of morphine and a tequilla drip for you and the Mom later.


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