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September 28, 2008


I think they're all at South Street Seaport, right near my office. That picture is great--good luck on your quest!

So you write prose and humor like Bill Bryson AND you shoot photography like Ansel Adams. Great pic.

Pictures like this makes me want to leave my camera at home. For. Ever.

Here's something I thought I would never say: Good luck getting pooped on! :)

I absolutely LOVE this photo!

beautiful composition... beautiful daughter. :)

Apparently all the pigeons were pooping on the Mets!


My condolences about the Mets. Very nice picture though!

I don't think you took this picture. There aren't any wounds in it.

wow, you took this amazing photo and you are so funny, too. wow.

Woah - amazing picture!

Now I wish I had any skill whatsoever with the camera.

Good luck with the pigeons!


Wow, cool pic. I always imagine an alien spacecraft emerging from the cloud whenever the Empire State Building looks like that.

Hope to see you at National Pigeon Day: Saturday, June 13, 2009.

Beautiful picture! visualizing clouds of pigeons heading your way...

Let's just hope that Triumph the Insult Comic Pigeon is flying around somewhere near that beautiful picture, shouting, "That's a cute little girl..."

I love this photo. The look on your daughter's face, so thoughtful and wistful, she's absolutely lovely.

That is an utterly gorgeous photograph. Best of luck with the guano.

What a cool picture! I love the mischievous expression! I hope the pigeons got what they were aiming for...

What a wonderful picture!

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