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September 19, 2008


You truly amaze me. And I dont think Dr.s without borders accept webkins do they?

Brother, when I read this, I damn near cried. And not just at the idea of Kathryn having pigeon crap on her, on top of everything else. Well done, friend.

When the leaves start to fall, try to catch them out of the air. For each leaf you catch before they hit the ground, you get a month of good luck.

And it sure beats getting pooped on by a pigeon.

Wishing you all good luck, straight limbs and peaceful brains.

I don't think I have or will ever again wish this for anyone BUT I hope you and your wonderful daughter get pooped on by a crap load of pigeons.

I was at the Springsteen concert last month at Giants Stadium and the people next to me were repeatedly pooped on by pigeons overhead. So maybe you need to become Springsteen groupies? Just sayin', in case the NY pigeons don't oblige...

I get what you're saying. But just because you have first-world-problems doesn't diminish the fact that you're family has had a rough year.
Hope you get pooped on! And I mean that in the nicest possible way.

Wear a brand new shirt. This should increase your odds of getting pooped on.

I have lived in New York for seven years and in all that time I have only been covered in bird poop once. I was in Central Park by the boathouse. Good luck with the luck!

See now, this is why I adore you. There are many many people who never have anything positive to say. At some point, people need to realize that if it is you that is always having a bad day, then it is truly YOU. A little perspective is important when the bird poop lands on your head, after all. You can either be the unluckiest person that ever lived and stay miserable, or you can laugh at how ridiculous you look with white goop dripping in your eye.

I hope your luck makes a hasty turn for the better, because if anyone deserves rainbows and unicorns for the next few years, it's y'all.

Personally, I think your latest streak of bad luck is caused by a lack of 3-Martini Playdates. Get the blender out, Buddy, cuz Camillo's Dad and I are coming over!

Having myself had a bit of bad luck over the last year or so, I don't have any sure-fire good luck charms to pass on. I do agree with everyone above - you and your family deserve a looooong streak of luck!
And: when I'm already impressed with the way you deal with all this, you name Doctors Without Borders as the right organisation to make donations to...

If it's bird poop that you are looking for, then fly the coop and head down south somewhere where you can enjoy the warm ocean breezes and the many seagulls that will gladly poop on Kathryn's head anytime you feed them. I really hope things get much better soon.

You know what? You are just one classy guy. Really.


Brian, you're clarity and view of your personal hardships is completely admirable. And I'm sure you're teaching your daughters to have the same views.

A few years ago, when I was going through my own "bad luck", I came up with a phrase that I try to live by now:
Perception is reality, change your perceptions and you change your reality.

So as you change you perspective and look up at the pigeons, remember that you are changing your reality.

Best of reality.

I hope things turn up. Glad to read the perspective in there.

If you don't have luck in getting a pigeon to poop on you guys (the pigeons must have a great lobbyist or epic prankster to push this idea so successfully), I wouldn't suggest moving up the food chain, no matter how many people suggest it. It would just be a bad idea, and it's a slippery slope.

Just don't ask why the slope is so slippery...

I hope the poop project turns out well. For what it's worth, you have my families thoughts and prayers.

Go for it.

These are the times you will remember, cavorting like fools whilst exhorting pigeons to target poop. The bad stuff will fade, but to the end of her days your daughter will bless her luck in having the kind of family that spends their time doing crazy things just for the love of her.

Good luck? You are going to have to beat it off with a stick.

I was serious when I said we would need photos.

p.s. Donation done.

Thanks, MM!

I still say easier to get a pet bird and teach it to sit on K's head. Also, as an additional plus, if it was of the talking kind you could teach it to yell "double martini day" when things go wrong or guests come over.

Try a pet store. It's much harder to get a wild bird to sit on your shoulder long enough to poop.

Have you tried Feng Shui?

Pigeon poop? Really? And I thought my suggestion of bathing in seven herbs was wacky...

I also think, if for some reason the pigeons are being shy/courteous, as a last resort you should either go to a pet store, or find a crazy bird lady like my old neighbor pat. If you didn't get pooped on in her bird house, you'd at least step in fresh poop!

OK, you always leave me hanging. TELL US ABOUT THE ANT!

A bird crapped on my head today. I dedicated it to Kathryn. It was purple and stained my hand, when I touched my head to find out what hit me. Luck is transferrable, right?

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