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October 21, 2008


I just wanted to register my total support for this-- let's all hope reason and sanity prevail and this proposition is soundly bounced right back into the dark hole from whence it came.

I live in CA and sick of this whole debate.
Does Brittany's 18 hour marriage have anything good to say about marriage of one man and one woman? Do these people who want Prop 8 to actually re-write the state's constituiton actually think school think that THAT bodes well for 'traditional' marriage?

I have never voted on an issue based on a bumper sticker or from a placard waved on a street corner.

It WASN'T Kool & the Gang and I still can't believe I sent you that picture. It was your uncanny ability to make funny out of fail that made me do it. You totally rock, LD.

I'm also a huge supporter of No on Prop 8. I donated AND I'm stealing one of these immediately.

I'm with anonymous no name person #2 above there, with the being a Californian sick of the whole debate. But it's more like sick to my stomach.

L,D, I've said it before, and I'll say it again: You're a prince among men. Also, if you wanted to, I'm sure you could be a princess among them too.

Hey, and Literal Dan! Thanks! Know anyone in CA? Call 'em and remind 'em to vote down the ballot, after they've had fun with the presidential part at the top of the ticket! This thing is only going near the "dark hole from whence it came" with every ding-dong vote we can muster. I'm growing my nails long from here on out so I'll have enough to bite that night. 'Cause it'll be a nail biter for sure.

Dude, how much a$$ do you kick? LOTS. Loving it!

Dude - TAN shoes with a WHITE suit???? What a dork!

I'm forwarding this to my 5 friends in CA just in case.

That picture of that short blonde kid made me go AWWWWWWWWW!!!

Did you hear the argument that was given against gay marriage in CT? "Banning gay marriage doesn't discriminate because gay people are allowed to get married... to someone of the opposite sex." One of those d'oh! moments.

And I thought conservatives were typically AGAINST government intrusion?

As someone who lives in MA, I can tell you how depraved this whole state has become in the year and a half since gay marriage became legal. There is total debauchery in the streets, women marrying their goats, children wandering aimlessly in the street wondering where their other sex parent is. It is terrible. I have actually seen two men holding hands on a number of occasions. My family and I are making plans to move to Utah to get away from such hooey.

LD, my comment was terribly written. I should not write this early in the morning and can you get an edit your post option?

And, OOPS, I meant three and a half years. See how time flies by when your state is going to hell in a handbasket?

Or is it four and a half? I'll stop posting now. I need to wake up a little.

Great post...thank you!

Beautiful. You've outdone yourself.

thank you. this is wonderful, and needed. i've donated via lesbian dad's site.

I don’t know how to thank you, East Coast L,D! Both the humor and the support are a breath of fresh air. (Believe me, the ads that the pro-prop 8 people have been running will suck the air right out of a room in a hurry.)

Thanks to everyone – spread the love! That’s one argument those t.v. ads can’t overcome.

Eeek! I was just alerted that Arizona also has it's own marriage amendment, Prop 102, that is a repeat of a once defeated amendment for denying marriage equality. Learn more here.

Delurking to say YOU ROCK !
I live in the state in which the church officials are telling all of their followers in your state to give their money, tithing, first born to ensure this prop passes.
My people thank you for your support in raising money to end it. :)

Thanks, B. The support of those such as you around the country means a lot, even though things are looking good for Prop 8 (and therefore grim for equality)

YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!! We (partner and I) were just saying over the wkend that we can't win this thing alone...the straight folks have got to step up and start yelling too. Your support rocks and touches on a universal nerve-cringe inducing funny. Consider this post stolen and emailed and posted and viewed many times on fbook and others. Thank you thank you thank you.

I'm definitely stealing one of these, and not just because I'm too lazy to post something my own self. BTW, have you seen this site:


Good for hours (OK, well, not hours since it's only been up a couple of weeks, but you get what I mean) of hilarity at the expense of Prop 8 supporters who deserve richly to be mocked.

I grew up in a house with 2 men, my father and various boyfriends, usually long term relationships but still, it was in the 80's, imagine the surprise. Either way, I had to share this photo because...well because it is so very sad....


Heehee. I almost wish I was married so I had pictures to send to you. Also, this was absolutely what I needed before heading out into DC traffic again.

Brian, you also missed Florida's 2nd Amendment. http://www.sayno2.com/

You rock LD.
Oh and could someone explain to the less-than-technologically-savvy how to paste one of these on facebook?

Stolen. And loved.

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