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October 24, 2008


Couldn't agree with you more.
Couldn't laugh more at these.


Dude, these are wrong. Wonderfully, wonderfully wrong.

These are hilarious. I love Aunt Ruth. Great job!

I think you could keep these going for a while and your audience would be gleeful about it. Good job!

omigod, it's too early to be peeing my pants ...

thanks for the laughs. and, from the mom of a gay son, thanks for the support!


You are wonderful person. And your sense of humor is fantastic. Where's that book already? Just gather a bunch of different posts and put them together as vignettes on raising kids. Seriously. I've read all of your posts and I'd still pay money for that book.

Great job with these photos.



Damn you, Brian! You start out all funny and then just when I'm laughing you pull the rug right out and I sit down with a bump and start crying. That last photo, man . . .

I do believe this: that by the time our grandchildren are getting married and our photo at the front of the album has turned quaint--oh, those silly haircuts and fusty dresses people wore in the '00s!--it will also seem quaint that anyone thought it shouldn't be legal for Grandmama and Nana to marry. I hope I'm still alive to see it.

Amy, that photo is my father's parents. My dad scanned the photo twice when he sent it, just to make sure I got a good copy.

And Kathy, I'd love to make more BUT I'VE RUN OUT OF PICTURES! Send more!

These are awesome. You should send them to Equality California. BTW, the Yes on 8 campaign has been sending extortion letters to No on 8 supporters, so we've got a nice little scandal brewing which you might enjoy: http://www.boxturtlebulletin.com/2008/10/23/4145

Yippie! I'm the poster boy for gay marriage! I get in there as an adult (or so I thought) and a child. OK, so I was a child in both. Who cares? I'm happy to lend my face(s) to the effort!

I hope my father-in-law doesn't mind.......

Beautifully done, Brian. I think this picture was taken right before our lovely ring bearers bombarded us with over-ripe cherries. Let's just say that white wedding dresses and mushy cherries don't mix. Too bad I don't have a follow-up picture. It could have read: Because ring bearers have the right to seek revenge on everyone for suffering the indignity of being dressed up in a tie, tight shoes, and short pants.

Ah, Brian, you are so much better than I.

What a positive, affirmative way to get the word out. And funny, too.

Personally, I decided to go with the scar-the-kids-for-life approach, by abruptly parking my car, jumping out, and hopping back in with a freshly stolen and so annoying Yes On 8 sign in my hands this morning.

Crying ensued. My children lectured me: Stealing Is Wrong. And I had to promise to put it back.

Why can't I be more like you?

Way over here in New Jersey, Sasha, it's easy to be funny and aloof. I'm not sure what I'd do if I were there, with the daily assaults of intolerance.

As for the signs, though, we have our share of scary lawn signs here, too. I just think of them as Halloween decorations.

These are, indeed, full of win. Awesomesauce. Except for "honemoon" in the casino picture. But other than that, so much awesome!

Based on a conversation with a friend shortly after the State Supreme Court decision:

"Vote NO on Prop 8. Because everybody should have the right to hear 'So, when are you two getting married?' from pushy relatives. Legally."

O, brother, wow art thou fantastic.

I love this crop. Not sure which to love most, all are so loveable.

I'm with Laura about the book.

Halloween decorations. That's fantastic. BOO!

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