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October 28, 2008


Delurking to say that I am laughing so hard (at work!) that I am crying at my desk, unable to answer my phone.

You are right, I am SURE that was NOT what they meant. :-) Hee.

You are SO going to get a time out for that post.

As soon as I quit laughing, I'll call!

My girls do this to my husband, too - you are not alone! I had a co-worker tell me that her husband decided it was time to stop showing with his daughter when she slipped and grabbed the closest "handle" she could. Catching "willie water" doesn't seem so bad now, does it?

Although I laughed. I think this was wrong on many many levels.

You might want to get to your momma's house and pick her up off the floor.

I cracked up at this one!

If your mama doesn't call, social services will (ie)!!

Brian, you know badly I needed this laugh. I'm laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes. Oh God, that is hilarious!

Hilarious. That will teach them to try and control your posts!

hahahahahaha! My mom does the same thing. There are topics I don't write about cause if I do I get "the call". She tells me "Oh, I don't like that." I can't write about anything remotely intimate with my hubby.....if I can't share that with the world well then what's the use??! If I ever get any comments from someone who doesn't agree with what I've written that really chaps her hide and I get a phone call.
If I would've written about my willy, lets just say OH BOY!!! I would be on restriction for a week.........and on the way to the docs since I'm a woman and we aren't known for having willys. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

You are a bad boy!

I love you.

Argumentative comment.

(And laughing!)

Watch out for the yellow stream, kids!!!

Too much info, for sure.

Oh my god! I cannot stop laughing. I needed a good laugh today. Looky Daddy, changing the world one willie water story at a time.

Still laughing 5 minutes later... You forgot to add some comment about Palin or abstinence or slow learners so the wingnuts can find this one too. As it stands, I shudder to think of the willie-lovers who may be discovering your blog today. Hurray! New readers!

HILARIOUS! Even more hilarious to wonder if they'll remember such fun times as adults and how that might affect them. ;)

The young daughter of some friends of ours used to call her Daddy's penis a "piece of poo" whenever she saw it, because that's what she thought it was. Telling, eh?! =) HAHAHA.

Oh and by the way, your parents sound beyond adorable (as far as parents go). ;)

I'm speechless.

Can't. stop. laughing.

So very wrong, but so very funny

coming out of lurkdom cuz I am laughing so hard I know you would have heard me.
I needed that! :)

I think you'll be lucky if the call comes from your parents and not DYFS. ;-)

Best laugh I've had in a loooooong time. Thanks man.

Long-time reader, first-time poster. But I'm dying of laughter over here! Our little ones do the same thing in the shower.

normally I just read your blog, but this was too funny not to comment on.

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