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October 17, 2008


Nasty! Even if she's not Miss Jackson Jack

OH, man... I thought I had gotten over the "not elbow," but I was wrong.

I'm so glad she has her smelly arm back so she can properly beat down gender stereotypes! Smack smack smack "I'm not afraid of you... I had three elbows once!" Smack smack smack.

A little Johnson's baby powder should do the trick!

keep her whole!

Not witty enough to leave hilarious comments like your other visitors, but, "Hooray, Kathryn!" (And Kathryn's arm, of course.)

um... that's 4 of us awake after one am and trolling around the dad's back yard. Not sure what this says about us, but I hope Kathryn is sound asleep and enjoying fuzzy koala against bare skin. Cause when she wakes up, she's gonna kick some serious ass. Go Sparky!

I never broke a bone as a kid, so when my oldest broke his arm a year back it was totally new ground. I think the thing I found most disconcerting was the 'not elbow'. But it did indeed, eventually, resolve itself.

It really does smell awful, doesn't it? I've had enough experience with other people's recently freed limbs to have plenty of extra reason to be happy that I've never broken a bone.

Congratulations, Kathryn!

Oh yes. That. Last time I broke my arm it was only in plaster for 6 weeks, but it was not smelling good. Also, I had been on holiday when I broke it, and the tan remained, even though the rest of me had returned to my usual colour. I had to go outside to remove the flaking skin.

Of course, the real delight was regaining use of the muscles, which had atrophied to the extent that I couldn't make my wrist bend itself. But they got better after a remarkably short amount of time.

Congratulations, Kathryn! Enjoy your new arm!

The love you have for that little girl is amazing. Excellent post.

Also, keep the stinky arm around until you're ok with her dating. Say, her 35th birthday?

Finally! 8 weeks is a long time in the life of a little kid.

Where can I get that calendar?

Hooray! Congratulations to you all. A newly freed arm is worth some stink. (Easy to say from the opposite coast, I know.)

YAY! I betcha it's icky hairy too. My ankle/leg was when I broke it as a youngster.

Congratulations on straight limbs, Kathryn!

yea kathryn!
nice post dad. i like how you keep it funny to hide how sweet you are about your kids

That t-shirt rocks!

YAY for Kathryn!!!

I recently started following you, and I have just one comment: YOU NEED TO POST MORE OFTEN! This was hilarious. Thank you.

Woohoo!! That is wonderful that the cast is off, but sorry about the smell. I'm sure it's smelling so much better now. I'm sure everyone, especially Kathryn is so very happy that the cast is gone, I have my fingers crossed that there are no more broken bones in anybody's future.

Hey, you know what stinks worse than a newly freed arm? A arm confined to a cast. Of course, the first is literal and the second is figurative... and you don't have to plug your nose and cough to cover the gagging when the arm is figuratively stinking in the cast. So... Yaknow. Whatever.


Congrats on the positive outcome. Just remind her that arm will now be stronger than it was before the break!

And the t-shirt is awesome. Concrete has no sympathy nor is it forgiving.

Best wishes.

Hooray for no more cast! Maybe rub vanilla on Kathryn's arm? Are Victoria's bruises subsiding as well?

I'm digging your observation of connotations of Prince vs. Princess.

Hooray for stinky arms! And I love her broken bone shirt.

FWIW, my daughter is a princess all the way and that's just a-ok with me.

Oh, how I still remember the stench of my sister's arms after each cast was removed (she broke both arms 3 different times growing up).

Hurray for Kathryn for having 2 elbows again!

My oldest son broke each of his wrists (at separate times) while in kindergarten. People would ask me all the time if I kept his casts after they came off. Those people have obviously never experienced the stench that accompanies a 6-week contained limb, that's so bad it remains on the arm for days after the cast is long gone...

Glad Kathryn's arm is straight again. You have given me practical evidence to use whenever the subject of heelies comes up around here.

(I typed "hellies" instead of "heelies" on the first try - maybe more appropriate?)

Yeah, but I bet it's the best bad stinky arm smell in the whole wide world!!

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