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November 04, 2008


Maybe 232 years is more accurate.

Amen brother! I'll raise my glass tonight for an Obama victory.

A friend sent me an email today that said today was the "end of an error" and while I thought he meant to say era, it made perfect sense the more I looked at it. It IS the end of an error.

Amen to that, The Dad. Holly at Nothing But Bonfires wrote today that she had a bottle of champagne if it goes well and a bottle of Maker's Mark if it doesn't. Either way we'll all be drunk, hopefully happily.

(though I have to temper the gloating tonight if Barack wins, I live in a divided household.)


How sad is it that as excited as I am about the election I'm equally terrified? Terrified that the person I don't want to win, will. Terrified that radical "supporters" of that person will decide that since their team leaders didn't win that they'll express their displeasure in violence.

When I read the last line of your recipe I reacted as you did. An instant of "ha HA!" followed up a microsecond later by "ohhh" and a cringe. I hope it's a long, long time before this country, again, gets to a point where our reaction is valid.

To add fuel to that disturbing flame, the Today Show did a piece this morning on 'what it means' if Obama does or does not win. According to Lauer, an Obama win means that America has triumphed over racism. A loss means that white America is not ready to vote for a black man. What total racist bull either way! Can the Today Show not give voters credit for voting for the candidates' platform instead of the color of their skin? That line of reasoning says that a McCain loss means simply that America is sexist and is not ready for a woman in high office...not possibly that they didn't agree with the McCain/Palin platform. Don't count on the media to be involved in any unification--it doesn't make good press.

yummy. and, yes, i can't wait to move on.

Here here.

Great article, by the way, yesterday. You can't have Massachusetts, though. (Okay, fine. You can have it.)

OH BABY - From your mouth to God's ears. Take care.

That is a recipe for awesome. If I weren't taking preliminary celebratory pulls straight from the bottle of vodka, I'd probably make that drink.

I'm so happy that I don't have to move! What a great night!!!!

LOL, and good we didn't have to have that revolution either! (I was all set to march on Washington if Obama didn't win - I would have been THAT SURE it was fixed).

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