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November 05, 2008


10-4, good buddy.

I think this may be one of the proudest moments in our nation's history.

Can you smell what Barack is cookin?


agreed, but there is soooooo much more to to.

Troubling ballot initiative results in Cali, Arizona, Florida, and maybe most unsettling Arkansas.

Barack's parent's marriage was illegal in 17 states at the time of his birth

We were celebrating up here in Canada, too!

What an amazing day.

Celebrating on the other side of the world too - what an amazing day!

I'm something like four parts elated, one part disturbed. Yes we can, but California, we can do better.

Well put and so, so true. There's a story to tell the kidlets: "See that dent in the ceiling...?"

I'd be disappointed if you did-- you should frame it!

Did you hear us LD? We were outside a few blocks from you with our champagne and sparklers - what a grand night!

Well worth the hangover this morning!!!

Hurray! I fell asleep on the couch and awoke to McCain's concession speech. Is there any better way to wake up??

Thinking of the dent in your ceiling just made me tear up once again!

I woke up this morning full of hope!

Ditto! YAY!!!!

What a good Night 338 to 163 what a win

Your brevity speaks volumes.

My brevity is non-existent.

I'm reading Salon's coverage of the election right now and HAD to share this part with you:

McCain's staff spent Tuesday afternoon hanging around the Phoenix Biltmore Resort, feverishly looking for good news wherever they could find it. One press aide reported at lunchtime that a bird had shit on him, apparently a sign of luck, at least to some people.

So it looks like it's just as well you and Katherine never managed to get shit on!

Here's the link - http://www.salon.com/news/feature/2008/11/05/mccain_concession/

It is truly the dawn of a new day in America. Now we have to roll up our sleeves and get working to repair all the damage that's been done - except, of course, of that dent in your ceiling!

Yes! It is amazing! Finally proud to be an American again.

Oh, it was a good night. The only dark spots for me are the tossup on Prop 8 and that 50 percent of Montanans still believe that John McCain would have made the better president. Still, that 47 percent did not has to be something.


I believe my cat is still stuck to the celing, after I stood up on the couch and let out a happy scream that, i'm sure, woke the neighbors.

Nail an empty picture frame around it, name it Historic Dent! It'll be a talking point.


as a canadian in residence here, i was relieved and overjoyed at the election results! i wish i could have cast a vote, too!

From my vantage point from Canada, I wept tears of joy when I watched the results last night. The world is truly a better place today.

I think the first order of business should be a hefty pay raise for the Secret Service President Protection Brigade -- they've got their work cut out for them the next few years. Ensuring a little loyalty couldn't hurt, either (another sad commentary on our times).

And cheers to that.

My husband, an Obama-supporting soldier, expects to be unpopular at work today.

I agree! :)

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