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November 10, 2008


As always, very well said.

So disappointing, isn't it?

Very eloquently put.

This is so so true -
and so well said -

It's distressing to me too - and it doesn't affect me at all.

What surprises me most is that people who voted for Obama must have voted for Prop 8. WTF?

I was so sure this would not pass. I thought we had made progress, that people were not really still like this.

It was a shock to realize I am still that naive. Love this post.

I love when I stop by here, and what you begin with sounds like the setup to a great story with a punchline, and instead it makes me think and also makes my eyes tear up a little bit. (and sometimes a lot.)

Well said. I still do love the punchlines though.

My eyes teared up, too, Carolyn, but I think it was the fumes from the toilet.

And there's your punchline.

You've taken my breath away. What a powerful post. I wish everyone who voted for prop 8 could read it.

Perhaps one of your best posts ever.

As I've said before, imagine where our country would be today if certain states had amended their constitutions rather than accept racially mixed marriages, desegregation, or the end of slavery.

There was a time when this country understood that the system was set up to protect the rights of minorities, which is why issues like this were not ever meant to be determined by a popular vote.

I've been trying to find a way to sum this all up, and you just did it for me. Beautiful post.

That was heart-wrenching.

Amen, brother. I imagine that many of those voters didn't even know gay marriage was legal for a little while there. My friends and I console ourselves that this could very well be the last frontier of civil rights...but it's hard to watch people hurt, and Prop 8 was personal, no matter how anyone spins it.

Brilliant post. This is what I've been trying to put into words for so long; of course you did it better than I could!


My days are the same.

Except my heart hurts at how people can think passing such a measure does any good.

One day . . . I have hope . . . one day we will know that who my neighbor loves doesn't change how much I hate making lunches. Or how sweet it is to get a hug from my daughter. Or how hard it is to find four shoes when we are running 10 minutes late.

One day.

Thank you for this; I find it beautiful.

Oh my God, this is beautiful.

What a poignant post. Sad that it is a necessary one as well, isn't it?


Wow, and I hadn't teared up in at least an hour, when I read my eleventy millionth article on Obama. I was doing pretty well until I landed here. And now I have to go post this on Facebook, too. Don't you know I have coffee to drink and kids home from school to ignore?

Damn you, LookyDaddy.

wonderfully written.

But, think of the children! Without Prop 8 passing, they would have gone around thinking that everyone has the same basic rights. Is that really the kind of world you want to raise them in?

This was beautiful and eloquent. Thank you so much for sharing it.

Well put...

Yes. My joy at seeing that the country pulled together to vote for Barack Obama was overshadowed by my shame and anger that my own state, one that I had always believed was on the side of equality, tolerance and freedom, voted in favor of Prop 8.

Sent by Burgh Baby. I'm in awe. Amazing words.

Wow, Daddy, this one took me completely off guard. Well said and well reasoned. Unfortunately, I kind of doubt that the people you really wanted to reach would be reading this piece, and if they did they'd turn up their noses.

I think it's coming. If we can elect a black president, fair and equal treatment for gays might be coming. Let's hope so.

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