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January 15, 2009


LD, that was exceptional. Does Professor Stephen Hawking know that Kathryn is stealing his material?
I need to know how the waitress reacted. Also, exactly how hard did The Mom slap you when she found out about your jolly jape?

Wonderful stuff and in my considered opinion that award should have had your name on it.

It was only a plastic bag... what's so gross about that? Now I got meself thinking what really WOULD be gross...

what a double whammy in this post--the hot dog (mentally spewing) and yet another example of Kathryn's awesomeness. Classic Looky, Daddy! material, I must say.

Or, she could've asked for a quart of 10W30 instead of milk....

Hope the results come back good.
(English is optional on Friday)

I was absolutely certain that the hotdog/plastic bag was some kind of metaphor for something... but I kept on reading and no, huh, it appears that it wasn't. Ergh.

That is TOO FUNNY! I guess the apple dosen't fall far from the tree, eh?

"...you know when a hospital nurse says that, you've got something special."

Especially if you re-post a link to Andy's parents Something Special euphemism.

Dear, sweet Kathryn.

Sorry - Andy's parents' Something Special euphemism. I hate it when I make a grammar mistake on an English major's blog.

You were an English major, right?

That is the best thing EVER! I would have SO paid to see that.

Okay that...that needs a picture. And dear God, NOT of the hotdog. /runs to hork/

You guys rock.

And fingers crossed for you and the cyborg - hoping for some good answers from this little black box. :)

I love your writing of these things.

Took me a minute, but MAN that's good stuff. Way to make something positive out of absolute sheer craptastic events.

I think I love her. You are a lucky lucky dad.

Hilarious, good for Kathryn making fun out of having electrodes on her head!

Re: the hotdog...gross! I would hope my favorite brand, Hebrew National, who answer to a Higher Authority, might be less apt to have an incident of this sort....LOL! But I know in general, the less one knows about how hot dogs are made the better!

Fantastic! Looky Daddy and Kathryn are a great team! Next time around I want to be a dad. Kids never go for this kind of stuff coming from moms. No fair.

I just saw your tweet and YOU SUCK!

Oh my god! How much did you sue the hot dog company for?

That is awesome (the willing cyborg part.) Your kid is so cool!

Ha ha ha! One of those "when life gives you lemons, make chocolate milk" moments!

Hugs and prayers.

You all seem to be coping well! (Man, she's cooler with that junk attached than I was without it....)

Hey Brian,

I've not had the pleasure of seeing a pic of The Mom before now. I checked out the pic you linked to twitter.

WOW - the girls look just like her. It's like they're mini- Sharons. Very cool.

On another note - Yay for Obama - goodbye to idiocy!!!

I once pulled a plastic bag outta my mom's dogs butt. I felt like a magician that day too.

I once reached into a horse's mouth and down it's throat to pull out the plastic bag it was choking on. I didn't feel like a magician, I was just scared. But so glad I found it.

I love the cyborg kid! Kids with a sense of humor totally rock!
Oh, and the plastic bag in the hotdog? Eewww!!!

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