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January 01, 2009


The happiest of very happy birthdays.

Lila and Victoria, you have learnt from the very beginning that it is the right, nay, the obligation of children to make monkeys of their parents. This is the only way that parents will grow, develop and come to understand the deep joy of Webkinz. You have the power. Use it wisely.

Happy New Year to you all.

now i'm crying.

happy birthday, lila.

happy birthday, victoria.

beautiful...happy birthday Lila and Victoria

Great. The first blog post I read in 2009 makes me cry.

Very Sweet.

Sure....let's start the New Year off with tears in our eyes why don't we?

Wishing everyone in the Looky Daddy household a wonderful 2009 and Happy Birthday to Lila and Victoria!

Great, now I'm hung over AND crying! At least you're not here to make fun of me for having emotions. Jerk.

Happy birthday to my 2nd favorite twins in the whole wide world. xoxoxoxoxo.

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite set of twins!! And happy "I did all the work" Day to The Mom!

Beautifully said, sir. My best to all on this celebratory day.

Happy Birthday, Lila and Victoria!

I had no idea the girls were so close in age to my girls (their 4th birthday is on the 11th). But because, like many other posts, this one is not about ME, Happy Birthday again to your babies and thank you for making vomit practically poetic. I think you've found your calling.

Perfect New Year/Birthday post! BTW, hope you got my e-mail. You've been nominated for Best Blog in the Universe...or something along those lines.

My nose is prickling. You are a poet, LD, and like the best poets, you aren't just clever with words but possess an old soul (aging at the rate of at least three years per year, I'm sure, thanks to your kids). Happy birthday to the blessedly stubborn Lila and Victoria, and Happy New Year to the whole family.

Another fabulous walk down memory lane.

Happy Birthday to the twins and Happy New Year to everyone!

What a great story ;)

Happy birthday Lila and Victoria! Being four is the best.

Happy Birthday Lila & Victoria!

waaah! happy birthday, lila and victoria!

The best kind of children are the ones who start out perverse.

Happy birthday to the twins and the missus!

The best kind of children are the ones who start out perverse.

Happy birthday to the twins and the missus!

Gah. Every time I think that our lives are not exactly alike, minus one year, they get more exactly alike. One older girl, three miscarriages, surprise identical twin girls. My twins turn 3 in Feb.

And I also think I have a book in all this :).

ok, so I didn't move in the middle of all of it, and you probably didn't have all yours get celiac disease.

happy new year to y'all.

I'm here because you were nominated for that award, the Weblog award, and I'm SO glad I checked you out.

That was just beautiful.

What an awesome post! Happy new year.

I just had to say what a beautiful post that was so I'm commenting for the first time (even though I've read it for quite a while.) You are, by far, my favorite blogger of all times.

Simply gorgeous! What a wonderful message for the girls to look back on some day. You are one awesome dad.

Happy Birthday to Lila and Victoria!

And congrats The Dad and The Mom for surviving this long, and yet still having enough brainpower left to write things like this.

Happy Birthday to Lila and Victoria!

Happy I-Gave-Birth-Day to The Mom

Congratulations to the whole family on making it another year. Happy 2009!

Happy Birthday Lila & Victoria!

That story sounds so familiar...we weren't sure our girls were going to be born either. Made a few plans that didn't account for them being with us the following March. Oh well. Life marches on....and more joyfully.

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