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January 30, 2009



I'm sitting here with my jaw hanging wide open. Do you mean to say that one day I will actually want a snow day, too? I can't imagine it.

Thanks, Sharlene, and Jennifer? Probably not.

so, to be clear, what age is it that parenting gets easier? 4 or 8?!

I've never heard that putting a spoon under one's pillow will make it snow. I, however, am not at that wanting a snow day point yet.

So...did it work? If so, how did you spend your day...hunting for more spoons or hiding them this time?

That is so awesome that the thought of a snow day home with your children didn't send you into the streets screaming in terror, and you actually wrote those magical words "parenting is getting easier" see, you have found the light at the end of the very long tunnel, hooray!

Sadly, no snow days here in Northwest Florida. Do hurricane parties count?

Rosie, I'm not sure if 8 is easy or just seems so because of the bigger issues she faces. It's kind of like not caring that a car won't start in the mornings or gets crappy gas mileage because its in a river. But at least it's floating. The real difference is in the four-year-olds. And in me.

Brilliant. Thanks for sharing this sweet, sweet story. "Bag of ass" was kinda my favorite part.

aww. that's wonderful! and i'd never heard any of those snow methods before.

since you shared: in lebanon, they say that if you play with fire you'll pee in your bed at night.

:) hope you got your snow day!

Thanks for giving me hope. Right now a snow day would mean being stuck inside the house with my toddler ALL DAY. And that's no fun for anyone. It's kind of a bag of ass, actually. Good thing we live in South Texas.

Beautiful! You're right, it does get easier. Just pay attention to whatever is working now, at 4 and 8, because you'll need it again at 14 and 18.

So touching, Brian. I just love your writing.

Aww. I think my heart just grew a few sizes today!

It's nice to hear someone who enjoys being a parent. So many people talk about how it's a burden or how it's too hard. No matter what, being a parent should bring you joy. Congratulations.

I agree that 4 is way easier - my husband and I were remarking that we can't wait until the babies are 4 and big sis is 8 - those will be the days. Then we got misty because these are our last babies. Then we smiled and giggled...because these are our last babies.

Let us know if it works! I want the Joker to show up in my town with balloons full of money, but without noxious gas. What must my toddler put under her pillow for this to happen?

I see you are still using the epilepsy sympathy style of blogging. Gunning for another first place :-)

Love it. Especially the "bag of ass" part.

I enjoy snow days with my kids, but if I'm on the schedule, it means I have to leave extra early for work. Even if there is a snow emergency declared. My license is then used as a free pass, and that is why we are looking into buying a gas guzzling 4x4.

You totally made me smile. Thank you.

Could you repeat the first part of that first line a few times fast....because I am relcutant to believe you as of yet.

Because some days are just easier spent in your jammies making pancakes and watching cartoons then dealing with getting them packed off and ready for school!

But it's those damn teachers who are teaching these spoon under the pillow, pennies on the windowsill and pajamas on inside out tricks! My husband laid down in bed and yelled "ouch, what's this spoon doing under my pillow!"

I love seeing sparks in their eyes... and yes, it does get easier. Thanks for a great post that reminded me of what's important...

We used to tape a snowman to the window. Don't remember if it worked.
But the Blizzard of '96 had most of NJ out of school for over a week. Now that was INSANE.
Never heard of the spoon thing, though.

That's so nice. You're a fantastic writer.

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