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January 11, 2009


Please, everyone who chooses to comment below, preface your statement by saying you know I was exaggerating our conversation for a bit of light-hearted humor. DO NOT say that my wife sounds dangerously unstable. That would NOT be helpful. And send Bactine.

I know that you were exaggerating your conversation for a bit of light-hearted humor but I truly hope that the pigeons heard that ignorant woman's comments and when she hopped off of her soapbox and returned to her car, she couldn't touch the door handles because of all the poo!!! And I hope they return tomorrow to crap down the back of her shirt!

I'm laughing so hard right now that my stomach hurts...!!

'Poop on me! Poop on me!'"

Rats of the sky. They deserve a little harassment, surely? Just as long as they don't poop on me...

That's the pigeons, not the kids, or the mother. Who is a good mother, not a bad mother, or indeed, a bad motherf*%#. Unless of course she wants to be.

Oh poor Sharon.

I dont know what actually happened and what was exaggerated. That being said:

Did that woman really say that to a woman with 3 children 2 of of whom are twins? Clearly she has no children of her own. As far as I'm concerned as long as they weren't shooting b-bs at the pigeons they're fine. Pigeons are flying rats anyway. It's not like they were torturing cats.

I grew up in NYC and we (four kids) used to run towards the pigeons to get them to fly away and then they would poop all over everyone. We must have known that by running at them they would freak out and start flying-which seemed pretty cool to us. So we obviously liked scaring the pigeons. This was in the 60's and 70's. And so far, last time I checked, none of us have turned out to be serial killers. Or animal abusers.

Laura, the post is, for Brian, surprisingly accurate. Everything from being told my girls would be serial killers down to them running around chanting "Poop on me!" was totally legit. The only thing that he made up was me blaming the blog, which I didn't do, and I have sweet, kind eyes.

A little bit of exercise never hurt anyone, not even a pigeon.

Sharon, thanks for clarifying the accuracy of Brian's story. We never know what to believe!

And you are an excellent mother. Tired, perhaps, but also excellent. :-)

I'm sorry. So sorry. I feel responsible for the whole affair. The only thing I can suggest is that you tell me where to find this defender of pigeons (how cruel to make a bird do something it naturally does by choice almost every other minute)and I will administer the "Whacking Broom of Common Sense" until she sees reason.

I have the biggest crush on you right now. This post is awesome.

As one who promoted the poop on me for luck bit, I have to say, good for the girls! Also, as a social worker who has studied and worked with psychopaths... I can definitively tell you that as long as they are only looking for poop, you are good. If they start setting them on fire or breaking their necks, then worry. Also, perhaps the Mom should have asked the woman for her address, you know, so the little serial killers could find her more easily.

If chasing pigeons is wrong, then my dog is a serial killer.

As a New Yorker who grew up near Riverside Park, I can't wait to call my brothers and tell them that we are all serial killers! And my mom! She'll be so proud...

Constipated old women like that one who hassled your wife will find fault regardless. If your children had been sitting on the park bench quietly with their hands folded in prayer, the woman would probably have scolded Sharon for keeping such a tight rein. I hope pigeons poop on that gal. Copiously.

Color me sycophantic, but it's posts like this that make me wonder why any of your competitors garnered even a single vote.

HA! I just found your blog and I love it. That's hysterical.

Don't forget to cast your vote at the 2008 weblog awards. LD is in the lead with 1,511 votes and 4tunate has 1,496!

Opinions are like assholes: everyone has one, and some smell worse than others. Doling out parental advice to a total stranger is a pretty clear indication of a very stinky ass.

I just wrote a comment over at momversation on this very topic.

Strangers who make random parenting judgments on children they've seen for all of three minutes are complete and utter idiots.

Sharon should've leaned over and said,
"Well geez, that's what we were hoping for, you know?"

I swear.

I wouldn't have thought of this at the time, of course, but I would like to think that if a woman told me that by allowing my children to chase pigeons I was training them for careers in serial killing...

...that I'd have given her my best grin, winked, and said, "I know. Isn't it awesome?"

PS -- I spent my childhood chasing chickens, geese, and cattle around. Once or twice I shot a cow with a low-power BB gun just for kicks. I haven't killed anyone....yet.

ok, i missed the bird poop thing, but your wife is awesome. she didnt let that lady make her change what she was doing with the kids. shes a good mom, i know this because your kids came into the house happy and excited.

probably that lady was a serial killer! and she was trying to distract her.

also, good move on the avoiding eye contact.

The mom -

You should have just told the kids to go annoy the mean old lady who has far too much time on her hands for implying that you were a bad mother.

That would have taught her a lesson. :)

Dear Mrs Looky Daddy, next time just say this:

Well, they only have a few weeks to live and their doctors say I should let them do whatever they want in the meantime, so thanks but you won't have to worry about them growing up to be anything.

And then walk away. Works EVERY time.

Also, Mrs Looky Daddy, if he's not scared to death of you, you're doing it wrong. I say let him sweat. :)

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