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January 12, 2009


OH! How sweet your girls are. (:

Just wanted you to know I sent out a bunch of emails to my friends and family asking them to vote for you. Told them they didn't have to actually read it (some of them probably shouldn't) but just vote, cause you are really the best.

Oh man, I had forgotten how funny that is! Thanks for the laughs.

Ahahahaha!!! That, sir, was an impressive amount of carousing you managed to fit in before 11:30am.

I know that feeling! I had that feeling when my oldest started kindergarten. It didn't matter that I had 2 toddlers still at home. I still celebrated! lol

Oh yes, I'm sure winning the award will make all the difference with The Mom. She seems the type to be easily swayed, you know.

Also, the polls seem to be taking a long time to load, but they do load. Be patient, everyone.

Hysterical. I posted the link to your blog on my Facebook account. Hopefully, you'll get a whole lot of votes.

anybody taking any action to have that video removed from any site is just not a fan of good stuff.

Offer Cetera 10% of proceeds you make off the video...

I voted! and darned if you were not in first place~ YAY!

Love the video. :)

Screw the 'Tube! Glad you found a workaround, and good luck in the awards polling. I've tossed a few your way from the great state of Georgia.

That was damn funny! You're a fast worker too!

This song makes me cry on a good day. This is just heartbreaking.

I made a video to Nelly Furtado's Maneater that got booted off YouTube, too. It had something like 40 hits. I was like, really? This is who you're going after?

And you got it in under the gun for the Oscar nods. I'm thinking short-subject documentary.

Only another 20 months until it's my turn. :-)

Proud to vote for you, again and again.

I have felt the same way, but I never gave the frog a beer.


Peter Cetera is obviously a tool!!! That video was pure genius!!!

I've been voting over and over again TWICE every day - one from my work account and one from my home account. We sure do love us some Looky Daddy!

I can't stop laughing every time I watch that video! I've been voting for you every day for a week or so! Only two more days left to remember!!@@!

P.S. Sarah gives the frog hard liquor.

Good stuff.... I feel like skipping some days too, but my younger daughter is still at home with me all of the time. Next year when she goes to pre-school for 6 glorious hours/week, i'll have to re-enact, complete with the bird fly to the car/mini-van.

my twins go to preschool in september. 3 days a week. 8 months to go!

Bet the pidgeon lady from the park the other day would just love to see this!

Never heard of vimeo... have to check it out.

I can't wait for that feeling of release! But I'm a long way off... youngest child is 10 wks.

Good luck with the voting! I've appealed to my blog readers to vote again ;)

Laughing just as hard as the first time. Thanks, and good luck in the home stretch!

LD, you still makes me laugh! You should definitely win the blog awards based solely on the video! Is it strange that I feel like the video every schoolday especially on Mondays?

Alexis, if feeling that way every school day is strange, welcome to the club!

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