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January 06, 2009


Classic Looky Daddy!!!


I read your blog often and never comment, but just thought I'd drop in to tell you that I put a plug in for you at all my favorite blogs. I hope you win!

socialist zombies?! if that doesn't get you an award I don't know what will.

Lol :P Yep, I've seen those things, and they don't look like much fun, really. Except when you get to nap after maybe.

You've always been my favorite anyway, long before the seizures. I think it was the spewing toilet that sealed the deal.

But shhhh. Don't tell my Husband, remember?

That WOULD be a hoot. Seriously.

LMAO - At least you're honest about the seizures.... seizures seizures seizures

I would never wish seizures on anyone. Especially not a stay at home dad of 3! Seriously, what would happen to those kids while you were seizing on the floor? Zap the seizures over to the cat instead.

Congratulations on your award nomination. As you can see by my comment I'm trying my best to get you votes. Seizure seizure seizure! (for the cat, not you, and definitely NOT Sparky)

You never did answer how much you are willing to pay for a vote or two or thirty. I mean, you are up against Amalah. Have you read her stuff? HYSTERICAL!

Seizure! Ha! you had me laughing.. I would vote for you any day!

Yeah, that'd be real funny. You know, until we started goin' out eatin' brains and stuff. Then we'd be French.

Y'know what? One of Kayla's classmates is con-freaking-vinced that Barack Obama is the anti-Christ. And she doesn't even crack a smile when she says that so I'm pretty sure she's serious. What. The. Hell.

Seizure. (Just trying to help the cause)

After I read the first sentence I was about to be mad you were dissing the Obama, but then I read the rest and you're right, that would be totally awesome but fyi he also has to use the Black Panthers as some sort of baby-killing Gestapo, according to the e-mails I've been receiving from my aunt. A+

I read your blog all the time (often out loud to my husband who simply refuses to accept Google Reader, anyway...) but I always forget to comment. Just wanted to let you know I voted for you.

Oh my God I am going over to vote for you right now just based on this post alone. LMAO

Ha! Your best post to date.

This just earned my vote today. And maybe tomorrow, too. If you repeat the word seizure again.


I pray for your epileptic daughter and ask that the entire country send positive energy towards her, enough to drive that wacky seizure affliction OUT of her forever.

And into Obama. On Inauguration day. *THAT* would be funny.

"I solemnly swear.. .GAHWK twitch HAWWWGAH"

(audience child): "Mommy, why is he making fun of epileptics?"

(mommy): "I don't know, sweetie, but he must have a good reason because he is the change we hoped for that would change us in a hope-filled way, and I believe in that change. Hope with me, ok?"


My wife just looked over my shoulder at the comment I composed and promptly slapped me across the back of the head and muttered "moron".

Even your passing mention of the idea of possibly going through middle school again made me spew coffee all over my laptop.

You owe me a new laptop.

At least you only get the email... My neighbor read some end-of-the-world book (written within the last year) that says we'll elect a black leader and the world will end in 2012. She insists on quoting this book as fact. Unless it was written by Dionne Warwick, I'm not falling for it.


I do what I can.

You do it every time! NOW I'm having a seizure. A-fit-of-laughter-seizure. Thanks for keeping it real!

Never commented before, but I have to tell you...posts like this one are exactly why I am a faithful reader.

Like we used to say as we'd leave a room at summer camp, "Seizure later!"

WTF is wrong with me that this is the first time I'm on your blog. (Miss Britt sent me!) Personally, I hope that Barack has an Afro on Inauguration Day.

Brilliant post!

Can your posts get any better? I practically get all steamy thinking about the next one...

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