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March 05, 2009


Quick question: Is everybody seeing the voting box above, in the big space right before the last paragraph? Because I was, but now I'm not. And that makes me sad. :( So sad, I used an emoticon.

I am devastated that I won't get to vote for Meandering Michael's 'nads OR Julia O.C.'s Small Vesuvius. Devastated, I tell you!

I wrote four but I didn't see them in the post. Were they swallowed somehow? Or were they just that bad? ;)

Ben, for many of the finalist haiku, I added a title myself. It makes voting easier.

I don't care about the haikus, but "Vagiant" actually is a band.

I picked Missing the Point because it was really about parenting. While the others are fun I don't think one should win just because it said "boobies" in it - with no offense intended to the poet!!

Hooray for "Legos," "Missing the Point," and "Sad Truth"! All classic and elegant. My husband's favorite is "Cup of Joe" so hooray for that as well.

Legos and My Turn

have to give props to "last trimester". pregnancy can be soooooooo humbling.

I'm another one who is getting over my self-pity at not getting it together to submit an entry by consoling myself with the fact that I couldn't have touched these gems.

Ahhh, Vaganus. That would be a hilarious name for anything.

To "Laugh, Mom", your sacrifice was in vain no longer.

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