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March 07, 2009


Congratulations Vikki! You were my favorite. The Dad-I think that you are on to something with the goodiebags. Can you start a movement to abolish the bags??

Ho hum. I really thought mine was good this year; I guess 4th (or 5th?) place is respectable for a first entry. Congrats to the coffee-guzzling winner. Well done.

As for goodie bags, I know you've had entire (lengthy) posts on the subject before, but I don't think we can ever say too much about the evils of the Goodie Bag.

This was indeed a great one. Congratulations to Vikki!

Meh. winning for putting "boobies" in your poem. Come on!!

Hey John (who is a different John from the perennial always-a-bridesmaid-never-a-bride haiku-writing John), You didn't write a single entry for the contest, which puts you well into the category of armchair quarterback, and a humorless one at that. Go "meh" somewhere else, thank you.

Congrats to Vikki! And thanks to Looky Daddy for the contest! I needed the laughs after a stressful morning. And I discovered one of the funniest blogs ever- Laugh, Mom- who submitted the now-famous "vaganus" haiku. Her blog made me laugh until tears ran down my face!! Thanks again! (for doing that voo doo that you do)

Congratulations Vicki! And thanks Looky Daddy for a fun time!

Taado - you had my vote. Loved it.

This was lots of fun and thanks to all that voted for my haiku. I take every one of those to be a vote of sympathy. ha ha.

This was my favourite,too. Haven't we all wished the floor could open up and swallow us whole after a comment from our kids?

Sigh. My haiku didn't even make the finals. I guess it's just as well -- the last thing my toddler needs is coffee.

Oh, man, my vaganus got pounded (feel free to run with that). Vikki's haiku was pretty great, though. Congratulations!

To comment or not to comment? A haiku, by John

Haiku not my thing
Leave poetry to my wife
Still get to comment

Ah, much better, John. Thanks.

sweet. It's the title too that totally makes it.

Congratulations to Vikki. While I didn't vote for this one, it was my unofficial third choice, with good reason.

Just make sure you don't give the kid any of the coffee, or you may as well move into a mobile home.

Hey LD, haikus are 5 + 5 + 7 = 17 syllables. Not 19. Not that I'm nitpicking.

Congratulations, Vikki! Even though I think you won based upon your use of "boobies", not true poetic merit. And probably cheated, although I'm not sure how.

No, I'm not bitter. I didn't want that mug. I'm just saying....




While the winner was a fine specimen of a haiku, the vaganus made me howl and cry, and spit out my coffee. Onto my keyboard. In the office.

If the word "boobies" guarantees victory, I'm going to buy a lottery ticket and chant "boobies" the whole time.

If chanting "boobies" could make you a winner, my middle son would be King of the Universe.

Is the word 'boobies' acceptable in poetry? If it is, then I guess this haiku piece is a good one. Congrats to Vicki! Nice post!

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