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May 05, 2009


Take a kettle and fill with freshly drawn water. Bring to the boil.

Pour a splash into your teapot. Repeat TEAPOT. No other receptacle will do. When the pot is warm, sling the water down the sink.
Drop in one teaspoon of loose indian tea per person and one for the pot. Add boiling (BOILING) water. Stir briskly and pour into a cup with a splash of milk.
Add biscuits.

Always assuming there's no brandy in the house.

Lemon drops!!

After my boys' birthday party, I shall be partaking in many unknown recipes of the alcoholic variety.

Classic gin martini:

2 oz gin
1/3 oz dry vermouth

shake and serve

Party Slush

You will need a huge container that can fit in your freezer for this one.

1 28 oz. can unsweet pineapple juice
1 2 liter 7-up
1 6 oz. can frozen OJ no pulp
1 jar cherries and juice (without stems)
1 cup of sugar added to 1 cup of water
2 or more cups of favorite vodka

Mix together in order and freeze for at least 24 hours

Smashed -- wait, make that pureed -- grapes! Red, white, whatever. So long as it's crisp and fruity with hints of vanilla or chocolate, or peppery is good, too.

my margaritas:
good tequila
key lime juice

or, if that's too fussy, a Shiner Bock will do just fine.

Fat Tire. With another Fat Tire. Then another. Unless you're on the East Coast; then you're just screwed. :(

Tequila Slammers: any cheap tequila will do.

I love how this post is in the "God" category. Nothing holier than a good martini.

Mint julep

4-6 mint leaves
2 sugar cubes
4 oz bourbon
mint sprig for garnish

Mush it all up in a cocktail shaker. Add ice and shake, then strain into a collins glass.

I have too many favorites, so here's the worst one I've ever had. This was a shot experienced during a 21st birthday extravaganza, so let me warn everyone not to actually try the following. It's only for idiots.

Bloody Gorilla Fart
1oz awful rum (like, COSTCO-brand rum, if possible)
1oz awful tequila (see above)
A few dashes of tobasco

Shoot it. Scratch at your tongue and pray for death. Happy birthday!


1 can frozen limeade concentrate
1 can tequila
2 bottles or cans of your favorite beer
Lime wedges

Put limeade in pitcher, fill can with tequila, slowly pour beer down the side of pitcher to avoid foaming. Mix well with spoon till limeade is dissolved. Pour into salt rimmed glasses and garnish with lime wedge.

Or as Ween would sing,

Cinco de Mayo's on Tuesday
And I hope that we'd meet each other again.

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