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May 26, 2009


Wait, how who sounds?
I live up north in Canadia and I don't have a TV so I sometimes miss out on silly things going on in the south.

I'm sorry, Scientific Chick, for the confusion. The original title was "How You Sound When You Use Religion to Justify Proposition 8 or When You Donate to Churches that Give Millions of Dollars to Sponsor Disinformation Campaigns Opposing Equality and Civil Rights for All Americans When Such Monies Are So Desperately Needed to Actually Help Work Towards Your Savior's Message of Hope and Love and, Above All, Acceptance" but that was a little long for a post title.

I love how folks say the gays. Clearly, gay people are "its" and not "hes" or "shes". Let's get it together people!

Go with the original title!


I always tell people Jesus didn't have an asterisk after "Love one another." He really meant it.


Love.This. Perfect.

I agree with Ben - go with the original title!

Although I am a litte disturbed by the hand holding that Ox and Joe have going on.....

I'm going to have to agree on this one. Jesus said for us to love one another, not love some others. Yeah, they have different sexual preferences, but that doesn't mean they don't need the saving power of Jesus Christ.

My kids were up all night and I can't think of a witty thing to say. I just wanted to thank you, Brian, for all that you do here on your blog to support equal rights for everyone. Sometimes, it is our allies that lead the way.

You are kind, Vikki, but really I should be doing more. I am acutely aware of all the opportunities to speak out that I have let pass and all the excuses I tell myself as to why.

I wonder what Ox is doing with his other hand?

I'm glad that years of experience with xkcd led me to do the rollover.

How did you become so wonderfully, beautifull liberal about social causes if you grew up in Texas? Because I've been here for nine years now (from Boston, Mass) and I'm scared to death that my children will stop listening to me. (Not that they've ever listened to me. You know.) Really, I just wanted to say, Sing it, Looky, Daddy! Sing it!

Speaking as someone who has benefited hugely from white privilege (my family were here with the Mayflower) but is now potentially a member of a no-longer-protected minority (should find out literally in minutes), I hope the people in the state of California realize what shifting demographics could mean for them if the Supreme Court of CA upholds this amendment.

The decision is in and I feel sick to my stomach.

I feel I must apologize on behalf of my state. We suck. Please commence the throwing of rotten veggies westward. I won't even duck.

I love you, LD.

@shnerfle: the people I'm angry with are the ones who disagree with prop 8, disagree with this court decision, but couldn't be bothered to voice this disagreement when it counted: on election day.

I fervently hope that California will be dragged along eventually in the stream of states that are legalizing gay marriage. At the very least, I believe California will straighten itself out before Missouri, my home state.

I wish I could favorite this post.

It's a dark day for Californians and for the rest of the country, but I'm optimistic that big change is coming.

Brian ~ keep it coming!!!

Katie in MA...

I happened to grow up in Texas with Brian...and still live here... Don't throw us all under the same bus, there are quite a few "wonderfully, beautifully liberal about social causes" people here!

You can love a homosexual without agreeing to the sin. I get so tired of getting bashed for holding morals I believe in as being intolerant and unChristian.

T: When "without agreeing to the sin" becomes "denying rights because of the sin," then that's when I bash as intolerant and unchristian.

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