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June 02, 2009


The juxtaposition of all of posts on this page is exactly what I love about your blog. You can write so eloquently about your emotions and the events in your life but scroll down a little and one sees a doodle of an s&m mask!

I think this post is amazing. I hope the real Kathryn returns and that she is no longer diluted by the medicines. It must be so scary for everyone in the family. I wish you all luck in this journey.

I think you already know how I feel about all of this. I salute your decision and hope for the best. We're doing the same thing way out here in Cali -- for the umpteenth time -- but things are looking up. By the way, I love the way you write and mixing the absurd with the poignant is a way to stay sane. Really.

Let them fly, indeed.

Gorgeous, as always, sir.

One of my favourite posts from you. I applaud your decision, good luck.

thinking of you all and wishing good.

Well, I'm not even a doctor and I could have told you that letting Kathryn drink sunscreen was a bad idea.


I really feel for you on the medicine. My daughter is on quite a bit and she hates it - it is difficult to get her to take it (she's 9 months). It must be so much harder when she can speak to you about it.

Did you teach her how to ask "May I take your panties off with my teeth?" in a million languages, since I believe that's the only phrase you know in a multitude of languages.

Wonderfully written. I, too, spoke and spoke and spoke to my kids when they were wet with drool and wide-eyed at everything. You said it! It came back hundred-fold. Sometimes I have to tell my kids to be quiet, that they have been talking for hours non-stop and it's time for a little silence.

I had something eloquent and supportive to say, but then I read The Mom's comment and snorted out all my intelligence. You married a good one, sir. Definitely.

I'm looking forward to having the old Kathryn back, sparks and all...

beautiful post.

I am worried about giving my girls a daily Claritin for their allergies. Thank you, sir, for some perspective. Thoughts and prayers are with you & your family.

Also, I thought we were so cool about naming Bun Kathryn. Looks like you beat us to it.

Finally: OMG, the words that pour out of my daughters. I can't speak until I've had coffee. I think they start talking before they even wake up.


What a beautiful post. I'm going to have to thank Mr. Lady for tagging this one and thereby introducing me to you. Look forward to reading more!

This is your best post ever - tender and snarky all at once, I love it. That's parenthood. Wishing you, Th Mom and Kathryn all the best.

Good luck and God bless to you and to Kathryn. I hope less medicine = better words.

I truly understand your decision to cut back on the medicine for Kathryn, even knowing what it might led to.
Beautiful post - I'll print it and put it on my bulletin board, just as a reminder that my piddly problems are easily dealt with.

Kathryn rocks.
YOU rock.
The Mom rocks.

Mr. Lady sent me. And since I love her, I might tolerate you. : )

The parenting decisions don't get simpler over time, do they?

Ugg. I hope the change in meds is a really good change all the way around and that things improve. Thinking of you all.

You and The Mom are amazing parents and dealing so well with an extremely difficult situation. I hope Kathryn's words are filled with joy and laughter.

My daughter is 15 months old and she already talks in her sleep. Sits right up, says "dah meh webbie la mo," then falls over and closes her eyes again. Can't wait until she's sleep-talking about the unique personalities of rocks.

I wish you luck, and I'm glad your daughters have you as parents.

You and The Mom know what's best for your family. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. And I'm sure as soon as Kathryn's words light up again, she'll thank you for giving her her "voice" back. Might not use those very words, but you know what I mean!

Another beautifully written post. You are my morning whistle stop. You take all these truths and put them in a writting blender and create magic. Magic.

(can you really say that phrase in a bunch of languages?)


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