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June 02, 2009


been awhile since I've gotten goosebumps from the tips of my eyelashes to the tips of my toenails...the good kind that lasts for about 10 seconds. Lucky kid to have parents that listen to their inner compasses rather than all everyone else.

The disadvantage of having a bright and shiny daughter is that sometimes they can make your eardrums throb until they bleed.
I hope all goes well and that you strike some kind of a balance. You have so many anonymous intermawebby friends who are thinking of you all and wishing Kathryn well.
BTW where did you come by your gift for languages? In England we would say "Excuse me young lady, but might one venture to divest you of your bloomers via the medium of dentistry?" - It always worked on me.

Kathryn sounds so much like my daughter. Sometimes I will ask [beg] Violet to be quiet, to please just "talk inside your head." Her response? "No. I like talking with my face."

I hope cutting back on the medication turns out well. What a horrible position for parents to face.

The Mom made me laugh out loud. Indeed, let the Sparks fly.

Being a parent is hard enough, you and your wife have the added pressure of being Kathryn's advocate. As you obviously know, you have to do what feels right for your situation, for your child.

You have decided to follow this new course for now and it is the correct choice. You might change your minds in a few weeks and that'll be the correct choice, too. No one knows and loves that child the way you two do, and you are obviously doing what you feel is best for her. Bravo.

"In her, the words multiplied. They grew and begot more words. And then they came out. A hundredfold. Gizmos turned to gremlins, besieging the air, ridding the world of silence."

Best paragraph ever! Good luck, I am praying for Kathryn!

I borrowed a rather chicklittish book from a workmate about the mother of an autistic boy, called Daniel Isn't Talking. (Not recommended, BTW as it promulgates the "OMG vaccines cause autism!) I thought maybe I should write a book called "Tas won't shut up."

I did the very same thing, too. Practicing for being a weird old lady who talks to herself.

...for the first time in a long while, I did not begin my day feeling like I was making a mistake.

I'm cheering for you all, just like everyone else, and I just want to say I hear you. I hear you hurt.

Oy, the choices we have to make as parents. But so happy to hear that you are making a choice based on what you know is right for Kathryn.

The Mom's comment is probably one of the funniest ones I've read, like, ever.

GREAT post! That said, my heart aches for Kathryn and all she has been through.

I bet those sparks will be things of beauty.

1 - Your family really puts things into perspective. I've hurt myself more this year than I have in all the 31 years that came before it. I'm on crutches now with a torn PCL. And I hate it. I'm exhausted all the time from walking with the crutches and I can't carry anything.

But then I think about Kathryn and how difficult her condition must be for her. She can't be herself. That's tough on adults who take meds, let alone a kid. She's one sparky kid and I hope all of her spark can come out and play soon.

2 - The Mom made me snort. The two of you have such a great sense of humor. And it seems to be the same kind. That's wonderful for the two of you. Your kids are very lucky to have you two for parents.

So beautiful.
Popping out of obscurity to commend you for your command of language, poetry and expression and to LAUGH at The Mom's comment.


Laughed my ass off at The Mom's comment.

I made the same talking mistake with my son, who like many of the commenters' spawn, also talks from the moment he wakes up until he fully falls asleep, and then talks some in his sleep. You know, in case we weren't listening during the day.

While baby girl gets less of a running monologue from me, she is exposed to the incessant chatter from her big bro, and she dives right in. I think I may never get to enjoy silence at home again.

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