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June 22, 2009


I hope you can apply those lessons at Citi Field this August. And that we can figure out a way around security with a two-handed saw. There's a "408" sign in center field that would look great in my living room.

Freakin' HI-larious! I can totally picture you guys doing this, despite not knowing what your dad looks like... anyway. Just remember this sometime when your girls are a bit older, and you have some outlaw lumber-jackin' to do!
BTW- I have recently found you, and recently spent a fair bit of my time going back and reading all of your archives- and have to say, you are the first blog that my husband didn't make fun of me for reading! He especially liked the "First day of preschool for the twins" video...

What a great story for Father's Day! Thank you for sharing :)

love it.

hahahahahhaa this MIGHT just be one the BEST stories i have ever heard. your father sounds amazing. fantastic story.

Another great story. I hope you had a great father's day!

Wonderful story! Thanks so much for sharing. I hope you all had a great Father's Day.

That makes me happy. Hilarious. Wear something dark. That's...awesome.

So funny and so sweet.

Makes me wish I had gotten to know your dad a little more when we were in school. Of course at the time, I would have been horrified. Now I've mellowed with age.

What a great post. Dad sounds like a great guy.

My father and I used to "collect" road signs that had fallen off of sign poles. To me, there was nothing wrong with it. He was my dad, and I thought he was always right. I never thought, until now, what might have been going through his mind at the same time. If your father is still around, is able and willing, I'd love to hear his account of the story.

Next time you this (well, not EXACTLY this) with your kids - you should let Kathryn write the blog post. Kids are brutally honest, and it would be fun to read about these wacky hijinks through a child's eyes (and compare it, side-by-side, with your account).

What an awesome story to have and to share.

Love it. Hope you had a great father's day!

Scott, This is through my child's eye and it is fairly "brutally" honest. I do remember that truck had a massive cast iron back bumper and we may have actuall been speeding backwards for the blow that finally broke the posts. By the way, I did buy the property at the asking price and it was a good price.

Awesome story.

That is, by and large, the best Father's Day story I've ever heard. Thank you, Brian, for putting such a big smile on my face today.

HAHAHAHA! Ah, that's the stuff memories are made of...

But what was on the sign?

De-lurking to say- great story! Happy Father's day to you and G-Dada. ;)

LOVE IT! um, so what did he do with all that land after all that?

What a fantastic memory to have with your dad. Thanks for sharing it (and him) with us.

That's a fantastic story....so that's where you get your wackiness and sense of humor, mystery solved!

Awesome story! It must have been a blast growing up with a dad like that. Thanks for sharing it with us.

First of all, there's nothing 'great' about boxy turds. They hurt. Bad.

Second, you're genuinely gifted at nostalgia and story-tellin'.

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