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June 04, 2009


I don't see what's wrong with this. Whatever answers they come up with for the questions in their lives, they've always got at least one other person to back them up, to make other people question their sanity as much as you ever questioned yours.

Life needs spice like this-- leave them alone!

Now I'd better get inside, it looks like igneous rain today.

But sometimes it really does rain rocks!

That is so funny, "it sometimes just rains rocks..."
well that brightend my day.

You should think twice about talking more to the twins. Think of how many words could come out of all three of them. at the same time.

Actually, I think they are right on the mark! Sometimes it does just rain rocks.

Hilarious! And I love your comment about it being embarrassing to ask which one is which at this point.

Don't worry, the twins will do fine and so will Kathryn - just different ways of thinking!

Maybe the twins were thinking of hail when they talked about raining rocks?

You make me wonder how my grand mother managed the names with 16 kids! I can't even get the correct name out in a hurry and I only have 4.

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