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June 17, 2009


That's one smart cookie you've got there.

Pretty color and hope it works ...

Go Brian go. Whether or not the hippies are full of it, I'm betting the fact that you painted the room blue will help: Blue is the color of dad loves me. Blue is the color of some things I believe could help me can in fact come to pass.

The steroids my 6 year old takes for her asthma make her a little uncontrollable ball of rage. It is so hard not to remember that it is not really "her" when she is throwing a weeping-screaming-kicking fit about absolutely nothing. And then she says "Why do I feel so angry inside?" and breaks your heart. Hope that the blue room works wonders for you all!

Another great post. And just in case you were worried; Kathryn's gonna be OK. She's clearly got you figured out.

PS, the room is Smurf-tastic! :-)

Will you be painting your room blue too? My room is burnt orange which might explain a lot.

p.s. Could you ask Kathryn what color to paint my son's room to make him stop waking up at 5 a.m.?

Wow, that's a beautiful Carribean blue! Makes you calm AND happy! And I agree, damn those hipies :-)

What a great Dad, I'm so glad you did this for her.

That's just a bit more electric than our bedroom and I'm extremely calm when I'm in there. Maybe it's because our room is terra incognita to our kids.

You'll also be happy to know a phrase of on or the other of your twins has come to be used daily at our house. Whenever one of our twins comes out with something that makes absolutely no sense, my wife or I will turn to one another and say, "Sometimes it just rains rocks." The have the misfortune of having more intelligent older siblings as well...

Medication and adolescence. Been there. Hard to know what's driving the emotional roller coaster. I do see one problem though. She can now send YOU to HER room when YOU get angry.

that's a beautiful color! i lurve.

y'know, sometimes i start feeling so sad for what katherine has been forced to deal with, but then you're so damn funny and she proves how crazy smart she is, and i laugh and i can't feel sad anymore. more like i admire how well you all handle it, esp. katherine.

oh damn, i knew i was spelling her name wrong! gah, sorry!

Watching blue walls is better for her than watching television. Take my word for it.

Jewelry makes me feel so calm. I feel sexy when I wear new jewelry and think you look sexy, too. I want to clean more when I have new earrings. A new necklace keeps me from working late.

Oh, The Mom, how I love your posts!

The oldest has half light yellow and half not yet painted (white) but will be dark yellow (we're all artsy with our two-colours!), the youngest has blue. The oldest is our little emotional rollercoaster, the youngest is (mostly) the calm, watchful one (and sneaky!!). Maybe blue is calming to anger, but watch out for Kathryn to get *really* sneaky.
(Seriously. What 2yr old little boy knows to turn the knob to shut the door quietly before rampaging his parents bedroom?)

Another great post, once again Kathryn proves how her smarts are intact despite meds and anger...and you give another example of what a great Dad you are.
I also love THe Mom's comments - wish I had a man to try them on!

Perfect retort by The Mom (big, sparlin' jewelry!!!), cleaning coffee off the monitor. Again. I just wanted to mention how great the back of your head looks too. No male pattern issues going on there...you ol' fox. Have a great father's day, you earned it in heaps this year.

Oh yeah, sky blue - very pretty! I am with Anne Aunt, she will always remember how you did that for her to help her and associate the color with love.

And I'm cracking up over The Mom's comment - doesn't it work that way for all of us!

Aw, bless her heart.

The Mom cracks me up. Good thing Kathryn asked for blue walls and not a blue Mustang or I would have suspected collusion between the ladies of the house. :)

: ) that's really sweet.... I do believe it will work

I think you are an amazing dad who tempers your frustrations with absolute humor and great perspective!!!

I also think that your girls (the mom included) have you figured out well..... the mom is a definite "keeper". Her humor rivals your own!!!

Happy Father's Day Brian!

You can't fool me. You're a good dad.

Clearly, you are a great Dad, and an extremely good writer. This story has a classic, beautiful shape, perfect for the emotions it expresses.

Oh, The Mom, you are one funny lady!

And Dad, that paint job is fantastic. Exactly what that room needed.

I agree with Anne Aunt. Blue will always be the color of Dad loves me.

You are a fantastic parent. And it's not because you painted her room blue. It's because you thought about why she wanted it blue and then ASKED her why she wants her room to be blue. And you talked to her about it.

You talk with yout kids and you actually listen. Nothing else you do will top that.

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