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June 17, 2009


I am so fucking over ice cream trucks. TURN THAT SHIT OFF YOU COCKSUCKERS!@!

That the last comment on the previous page is almost poetic about what a great father I am and the one directly following is all ice cream trucks are cocksuckers is what I love about this blog.

And by the way, only one of those comments is true.

Hi Brian,

You're a fantastic dad. Happy Father's Day to you!! :)


Hmm. Maybe I should paint their walls some kind of colour beyond bland off-white. That might explain why the whole of one wall is a kind of giant Miro-esque ballpoint squiggle built up over three years.

Been reading your blog over the last couple weeks - your outer patience (and honesty over your inner states) is quite humbling.

I should not read this stuff all 8 months pregnant and emotional. Now I gotta go explain to the Hubbs why I'm weepy and want to paint out bedroom blue.

The ice cream truck comment has me baffled. I think that comment poster is probably in a padded room...possibly painted a calming, psych ward green. Which is kind of the color I painted our twins bedroom, institutional green. It's called "quiet nest". The blue of Kathryn's room is a little...bold...to seem calming, but it is certainly cheerful. Kathryn could definitely use some cheer. Pray tell, what is the name of her paint choice? The color names always make me laugh. Wait...I'll give it a shot. "Caribbean sky?"

Oh, my. What a sweet kiddo you have.

You rock dad.

Chickenpig (and others), the name was, I believe, Costa Rican Blue. But the hallway that leads to the room is "toasted oatcake."

That is a really nice shade of blue. Kathryn rocks! That is so awesome that she is so articulate and that you really listen.

you ARE a great dad!

That's actually a lovely shade of blue. When I remodeled my house, I repainted my room blue for the same reason, but the color turned out to be a little darker than I thought it was, so now I yell at the dogs every morning, then start to sob.

You really have to be careful with colors.

I agree that whether or not color really affects our moods, it very well may have a placebo effect on your daughter. As long as she feels that blue is calming, it may work for her. Plus she might feel that daddy values her opinion because you took her suggestion.

LookyDaddy: You are an absolute gem, willing to try anything (even begrudgingly) to give your daughter the conditions to make her current life challenges easier to bear. A friend of mine has a child (who was already developmentally special needs) who now bears a diagnosis of the rarer-ESES/CSWS epilepsy... and the terrible heavy meds that go with it! One of the helpful pieces of advice she received recently is to think of the child as a 'drunk' during the all-too-frequent willful/disinhibited phases: and kids make TERRIBLE drunks! It doesn't change the behavior challenges, but has given her a better lens through which to view it.

Hang in there. And by the way, I've just bestowed upon you the 'honest scrap' award, (the blog version of chain letter disguised as a compliment), because after all this time, yours is one of the very few blogs that keeps me reading...


You don't have to do anything with it, but I wanted you to know that you touch people's lives far beyond what you might have ever imagined.

Cheers, V.

"since the room is not a Webkinz, Kathryn kept forgetting to talk about it with us"

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