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July 05, 2009


You have quite the knack for making me laugh so hard I hurt myself one moment, and making me blinkblinkblinkityblink the next to try and see the stinkin' screen.

Loved this one.

I love this post. Found it via stumbleupon. Good for you and fantastic for your daughter.

Man you are good at making me cry, Brian...

Beautiful post. I am SO HAPPY for you guys.

What a great post. She's lucky to have you.

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

I didn't watch any fireworks this year, only a couple home-grown ones across our lake on Saturday night...
Thanks for my holiday fireworks!
Your description of Kathryn's joy and excitement - well, I feel like I was there!

wow, great post!

Looky Daddy, another brilliant example of why I keep reading your blog. You and The Mom are amazing parents and Kathryn is so very lucky to have the both of you as parents. You are letting her live and experience life to the fullest, Bravo!

Nope, you're not in this for smart. You're in it for real. For LIFE, for love, for the preservation of childhood and sanity and normalcy. And maybe you didn't know that you're in it for the crack cocaine which is the pure, unadulterated joy on that precious face, reflected in sparkly subdued hues of pyrotechnics glow.

It was the 4th of July, and Kathryn was a gleeful child...

*Because* she has epilepsy, YOU took the time to watch *her* when you otherwise might have been watching the sky. And the joy you saw writ large upon that tiny face might otherwise have gone unseen by you (except in the stolen glance). The memories of those looks on her face, and her sparkle fingers ... you'll have those, forever. Maybe that's one of the gifts of this crazy disease. (Take 'em where they come, they're few...)

Now, that is something worth celebrating.

P.S. I'll be sending my birthday boy to you next year for that parade. Don't thank me...I'm a giver.

You're in it for moments like those ones. Good for you guys, for going for broke, for living in the moment. Life is meant to be lived!


Hope you were dumb enough to buy her a funnel cake too. :)


Very poignant for those of us with kids with epilepsy.

There are so many compromises to make between what might be best to control the condition, and what just feels right for having a full life.

The physicians will say, for example that 100% control of seizures is the goal, but if we use the medication that doesn't control them 100% he is so much more alive to life. Are we doing permanent damage? That's what it's like to live with epilepsy choices.

A little more risk (and the nature of the risk is rather vague) but you get a little more life (and the value of having a childhood not numbed and lived fully seems rather concrete)...

Who can say what is best?

She will never forget those times and neither will you. Good job being a great dad.

And I'll add my thanks to Joey the pyrotechnician as well - I've loved fireworks all my life - thanks for your hard work in making it happen.

Hooray! You paint an amazing picture.

My kids have yet to see fireworks. The late hour/toddler combination is a good excuse to avoid dragging my Iraq vet husband into loud explosions and the smell of gunpowder.

I just found your blog...and I am glad I did. I really loved this post.

Brian - after reading the title, but before reading the article, I knew exactly what this was about. Change "kid with epilepsy" to "kid with diabetes", and replace "too see fireworks" with "to eat birthday cake", and you're talking about me.

Except my parents didn't let me enjoy birthday cake.

Now, I know that I can occasionally enjoy the guilty pleasures in life, I just may need an extra shot of insulin to keep my biological systems in check.

Good for you, for allowing your kid to be a kid. Sometimes you need to enjoy the moment, and address the after-effects later.

SWEET! You guys rock so. Freakin. Hard.

Hey, Joey B: this THANK YOU is for you:


I didn't comment before b/c I couldn't think of anything original to say, but screw it. I'll just say I love this, 'cause it's true.

That was beautiful and I am so happy you guys were able to enjoy the night!

We took our son, who is also epileptic, to see fireworks for the first time (he's 5). He liked the "red balls" the best. "Smart" is relative...as are all things with epilepsy. Love is always smart, and this is love.

Bless you and your girl

A wonderful post, Brian. But I always expect that!

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