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August 03, 2009


Oh I am so sad - so sad that I am being wrenched out of lurkerdom to say so. I've enjoyed the ride and wish the best to you and your family. Keep us posted on any future ramblings.

Damn. Sorry to hear that. You will be missed.

You will be missed by many - I'll keep in touch - you're my "other Brian!" You have to make the choices that are right for you and for your family.

I don't comment much, but I'll miss you.

Sorry to see you go. I always enjoyed reading you.

So, ah, any suggestions for what the hell I'm supposed to email my partner about now? He relies on me interrupting his working day with links to your posts.

Thanks for all the writing, and say Hi to The Mom for us too!

oh! i wish you wouldn't go! i hardly comment (have i ever commented? not sure. but i'm sure you can check that out in your massive stalking -your- readers database thingie) but i always read. it will be so sad not to have you to read anymore. i really do understand you reasoning but i wish you would stay!

Wow. This sucks. I only follow about 6 blogs, and all of the others are money-saving things. This is the only one I follow for humor and I've had some great laughs from your posts. I'm sorry to see you go. But now I'll be down to only 5 blogs, that's a nice rounded number anyway...

you will be sorely missed.

I read you every morning! I love you and your family. God Bless those girls of yours! Thanks for all the laughs and the tears too. -J

It's April Fool's Day, right??? Right???
Oh crap, it's warm outside....

Oh..wow...we have something special. Maybe we just need a break? Listen *sob* don't you remember the " First day of Preschool " video? That was a good time. I showed all my friends...look what I found I said. I can't believe it's over. Fine then, don't think I'll be drunkenly surfing over at 3 am to see if you've changed your mind. I'll miss your writing *snot filled sob* but I'll find a better...listen..don't think I can't be happy without the laughing out loud and crying. Whatever, Good luck and have a good life with the dictionary lady and the spawn. sob

Oh no! We'll miss you terribly. As someone else said, please let us know where we can find you next - I'm sure you won't be able to stand not writing anymore so hope you will be back in the blogosphere soon. And of course, in the meantime there is Facebook! You aren't giving that up too are you? ;-) (And maybe I'll see you around the 'hood!)

I've only commented a few times (sorry!) but I will tell you that I've spent more time than that thinking about how lucky your girls are to have you. From what you've shared with us, I feel very comfortable saying that you and Sharon parent those small people with fabulous amounts of compassion and humor. I'm just sorry we won't be privy to it anymore -- though your reasons make total sense and only prove my point even more.

We'll miss you.


come back soon...

you could always just reinvent yourself with a new name... go on you know you want to!

Aw, I just found your blog a few months ago, and it is the first one I check daily. Let us know what you are up to next.

best of luck, brian. your blog got me through the hardest year of my life, and i will always remember it fondly & with gratitude. do let us know when you finish your book!

Well that sucks.
Long time lurker here. Know that your blog was one of the first things I checked in the a.m. Always put a smile on my face, and sometimes a tear in my eye.
Best of luck to you, and thanks for sharing with us.

Will miss you and yours desperately, even though we've never met!
You truly have a way with words - and I hope to see a book or two at least!!!
Keep us posted on Twitter, with a heads up as to where we can find you again, at the very least!

I love it here and will miss your voice.

Well, I'm sure going to miss you and your witty stories! They always put my life in perspective.

One of my favorite posts was "An Egg Can't Drive You to Drink." I'll never forget the part where you wrote "...a five-gallon mixture of curdled milk, snot, piss, and feces. In a colander."

Well, no one's going to accuse you of jumping the shark!

I look forward to seeing what you'll do next!

Best of luck on wherever your adventure takes you!

Oh rats. I hate when the good ones leave.

I can only hope you're doing this to channel all the brilliance into a book. Or a sitcom. Maybe one starring Ted McGinley, because he needs a new one.

I have always lurked but I have to tell you that yours is the only blog I read that I just stumbled upon and stayed for the ride. I've been embarrassed to be nearly caught crying at my desk and have certainly laughed out loud. And now I'm sad to see you go.

Best of luck to you and your girls!

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